Pop the cork!

Welcome to the inaugural entry of San Diego Dance Theater’s Sexy Smart Blog!  This is where we will share the “insides” of our company, that help make the “outsides”  so good.  We will share OUR stories and as part of our  San Diego Dance Theater family, they are your stories too!

We will post interviews with amazingly talented choreographers and company members (past and present), insight to our acclaimed dance classes, behind-the-scenes event information, photos and video clips that really allow you an insider’s view of our work, and important  news and discussions about our thriving artistic world.

Hot on our agenda is our upcoming and critically-acclaimed “Trolley Dances.” Hard to believe, but it will be the 12th year of this unique site-specific showcase. Stay tuned, stay connected and join us as we toast our new venture!

Jean Isaacs 1971

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One Response to Pop the cork!

  1. Michelle says:

    Lovin’ the dance blog!

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