Choreographer’s Corner: Bradley Lundberg

Trolley Dances are only 12 days away!  And it is time for another ‘Choreographer’s Corner’- this time with Bradley Lundberg– company member of SDDT and Choreographer for the 2010 Trolley Dances.  With his busy schedule, (Bradley teaches Special Education, on top of his Dance work), we are lucky to get Bradley to answer a few questions!

Here is a flickr slide show of images of the handsome and talented Bradley Lundberg in action:

Q: What inspires you as a Choreographer?

A: Every piece is inspired by a different idea or experience.  But I tend to alternate between group pieces that are driven by big dance phrases or more intimate duets that deal with relationships and have lots of partnering.

Q: What excites you about your Trolley Dance piece?

A: Being out in the community, and exposing a completely different audience to dance.  Plus some of the sites are really beautiful.  It is like having a really great set on stage.

Q:What challenges are you facing having to choreograph this site-specific piece?

A:I chose a water site this year and did not get a permit until last week.  This means that we had to choreograph a lot of the movement before getting into the water.  then when we got in the water much of it had to be cut or adapted.

Q: What would you like audience members to know coming into your piece?

A: I’d like the audience to come in with an open mind.  What they see and take from the experience is based on their history.  I hope they enjoy it even if they see a completely different story than I intended.

And that’s all we have for you today! Remember you get your 2010 Trolley Dance tickets today!

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