Choreographer’s Corner: Isabel Beteta de Cou

It’s time for another Choreographer’s corner!  This time, we had a little question & answer session with ‘Trolley Dance’ Choreographer Isabel Beteta de Cou (who comes to us from Mexico City) on her upcoming piece for San Diego Dance Theater’s Trolley Dances.

Here is a little slide show of some lovely pictures of Isabel, and some of her past work:

Q:  What is exciting about site-specific choreography to you?

A: To work in a different atmosphere where you must take into account things such as: The floor the dancers will be dancing on, the perspective that the public will have, what natural ( or urban) scenery will be your backdrop, what colors are around you to create a special atmosphere.

Q: What is challenging about this work?

A: The amount of factors that can distract from the dancing. One has to create work that will force the audience to focus on it.

Q: What inspires you as a dancer/choreographer?

A: The dancers that i work with, with their energy and support. The human reactions to situations in life from the most dramatic to the apparently trivial.

Q: Who do you want to connect to with your work?

A: As many people as possible.

Q: What would you like Trolley Dance Audiences to know coming to your site?

A: Rather than knowing anything I would rather have the audience be open to what is being offer to them, and that they come with the intention of enjoying the show.
We also had the pleasure of attending one of Isabel’s rehearsals yesterday.  Here is a brief clip of her Trolley Dance:

Trolley Dances begin on Saturday!  Make sure to get your tickets!

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