The Story Behind the Dress

At the first performance site for Trolley Dances 2010 there is a very special dedication written in the use of a vintage Wedding Dress.

Jean Isaacs, choreographer of the piece entitled “Guardians  of Water” shared with us the homage being made to her Aunt Clara, (the previous owner of the dress), and her unique love story.

This is the wedding dress that Clara Baldini wore to marry Gordan Hardy after he completed his service in World War 2.

They had met before he went into service, and nearly everyday he was away at battle he sent her sweet love notes.  He poured his heart over them with how much he missed her, and how he couldn’t wait to return to her “beautiful brown eyes”. Jean and most of her family now still have the collection of letters, and she brought hers in to share with us.

It was very clear through reading these messages from the Soldier, that he adored his Clara.

Jean’s piece is a commentary on the tradition of marriage.  And Jean’s Aunt and Uncle did not have a typical traditional marriage.  They never bore children, and their life together was revolved only around one another.

Clara was nurturing of her Nieces and Nephews, but her own family remained solely and happily the couple throughout the rest of their lives.

A fabulous back story to a wonderful performance that is a part of our production of Trolley Dances this year.

Come see the dress, and join in the rest of the fun for the last weekend of the one-of-a-kind performance!

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