Movement in the Rain

A rainy day last weekend found the Company hanging out by the rails by the Solana Beach train station as part of the first annual Arts Alive on the Coastal Rail Trail in Solana Beach. In the spirit of Trolley Dances, audiences followed a tour guide to various spots to enjoy site specific dance, chalk art, live music and a silent auction of decorated chairs.

Jean's win!

Event coordinator Anita Edman didn’t let the rain take away from the festivities. “The rain might have hurt attendance, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.” Organizes estimated between 400 and 500 braved the weather to stroll the rail trail and enjoy the adventure.

Blythe Barton, Kate Brill, Alana Burree, Anthony Diaz, John Diaz, Cecily Holcombe, Yvonne Harguindeguy, Melissa Fischel, Trystan Loucado & Minaqua McPherson kicked off the tour by performing to music by Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble and Freeland Barbour’s “Killiecrankie” The lighthearted performance delighted the family friendly audience and set the tone for the tour.

Further down the trial it was a family affair with work by Sadie Weinberg and Betzi Roe. At a picturesque spot overlooking Cardiff Beach, Betzi created and performed a dramatic solo called “Re-Collecting.”  Roe spoke the 50 words that are most often used in the English language. Although mere fragments, when spoken in random order they began to sound like attempts to communicate. The gestures were metaphors for words, and they too represent fragments of communication.

Audiences were invited to add to this piece by writing words or sentences on a ribbon and attaching it the fence by the performance:

Photo featuring Miles: Betsie's Grandson.

We re-collected some ribbons from “Re-Collecting.” Some food for thought:

Beauty. Movement. Community. Grace

Fluid. Beauty.

Life as Art.


Never Give Up.

San Diego is Dance.


Reflective.Conforting. Soothing. Contempletive.

I hope you dance.

Dance like a swan.

Dance makes me smile.

Site delicious.

I could have danced all night.

A performance full of surprises.

Other site specific performances by Students from Canyon Crest Academy Students (Choreographer: Rayna Stohl, and Mira Costa College Student (Choreography: Sadie Weinberg) rounded out the tour.

Here is a slide show with pictures from the event by Manual Rotenberg:

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