Choreographer’s Corner: Anthony Diaz

Today we get the pleasure of posting our interview with the third company member of SDDT participating in “The Young Choreographer’s Prize” this Sunday: the wonderful Anthony Diaz. Anthony’s infectious music livens up the halls of Dance Place San Diego at all hours of the day, and we love it. And we love him. He is pure spunk. But also- sincerely kind, fabulously eclectic, full of style, and generally wonderful to be around. Knowing this about him, we believe his dance will be something amazingly special.

Here is what he has to say:

Photo by Yvonne Portra


Q: Tell us a little bit about your history in Dance.

A: My history in Dance, although limited in time has been what I can only call a fantastic journey. As a young boy, while expressing myself through dance was always a deep desire of mine, it was always foreshadowed by the cultural hang-ups of a Hispanic, religious upbringing. I took my first dance class as a sophomore at UCSD where I was accepted to study human biology. Going full force from zero to the limit, really forced me to take a step back after I injured my knee and had to forgo my development and get knee surgery. I didn’t think i would see the day when I could dance again. It was truly the lowest point of my life. With determination and a lot of hard work driven by my passion, I am back in full force.

Q: Why do you believe your work should win this competition?

A: It would be a great honor to win this. It would provide a great opportunity to financially supplement further growth and development. It would also provide the validation we as artists, search for. There is a generational gap in choreography. I can’t say that people my age are as focused on creation as much as previous generations were. So to win amongst the few that I feel have really pulled through that gap and continued to create quality work would mean a lot. If I win, I will know that it was because the audience connected with my work and genuinely thought it was good.

Q: What are the themes involved in your piece? Is this a new exploration for you?


A: A few themes have been the driving force behind the development of this piece. I was inspired by an interview from John Cage, as well as the musical selection. Thoughts that seem to be coming up as I dive into the material creation and overall piece are of the day to day occurrences and the “hustle and bustle” of the day. I seem to really focus on the lack of time I have and how busy I can get, often times with what ends up being nothing. I find myself having to stop, drop, and roll. Really take inventory of the good things in my life and just listen to the nothingness that I seem to be so overwhelmed by.  Something I really suggest you to take a minute to do. If nothing else it provides for a great backdrop to a minute of reflection.


Q: What do you want your audience to know coming into the performance?

A: I’m not sure I want so much for them to know something coming “into,” the performance. Rather, I would like for them to leave the event refreshed, satisfied in some way, and maybe even inspired. I’m sure this show will provide something for everyone, as the line up is diverse and talented.


Thanks Anthony!  Check out this slide show on a SDDT favorite piece of Anthony’s called “Sarah Larson.”  Anthony presented this piece at the “Gallery Dances” and with the “Dance Fierce” Showcase last Saturday.



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