Choreographer’s Corner: Khamla Somphanh

Ok friends, Sunday is the big day!  Our phone is ringing with eager ticket purchases, and we are making last-minute preparations for the performance.  We hope you have your tickets!

Since we have two more choreographer’s to introduce you to on our blog, we are posting two interviews today!  We hope you take some time and reflect on all our interviews before Sunday. We certainly will!  These are some amazing young artists working in San Diego, and after all of their words with us, we have no doubts that making the decision on who to vote for will not be an easy task.

First on our double-blog-whammy day we have Khamla.  Who has had an amazing history of choreography and dance experience under her belt.  Here is what she has to say:

Q: Tell us a little bit about your history in Dance.


A: My journey of dance has been a magical one. A friend at my local dance studio told me about an audition she was attending for a high school called Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C and asked if I’d like to join her. I went to the audition and my path as a dancer was formed. Like most high school experiences, it was profound with pros and cons that will be carried life long. I continued my studies at University of the Arts in Philadelphia and it wasn’t until then that I realized the magnitude of talent and guidance I received in high school. When I threw myself into the competitive universe of NYC, I was blessed to work and dance with so many talented artists. My dancing took me all over the country.


Q: Why do you believe your work should win this competition?


A:I can only answer to my choreography and my goal is to make each experience a win-win situation for myself and the dancers involved. Every aspect of my choreographic process is respected and explored. From the foundation of the movement, the dancers individualism to the unexpected element and momentum of the unknown that is brought to each rehearsal. I feel the dancers are equally if not more important than the choreographer for they convey the vision. As artists we give so much of ourselves into our work that I hope to reciprocate the emotional energy, honesty and commitment that has been given to me. Hopefully, it will be evident in my work.


Q: What are the themes involved in your piece? Is this a new exploration for you?


A: The piece I will be presenting is derived from the emotional place of confronting life at different angles. I usually go through a brainstorming period when starting a new piece and what reveals itself often comes from a place I am exploring on a personal level.


Q: What do you want your audience to know coming into the performance?


A: This chapter of choreographing is fairly new for me. Although creating movement has always come easily, the completion of creating dances that have meaning, direction and closure is quite different.  Through my exposure as a dancer, I have found my own choreographic voice that I am now ready to share. I’m honored to be part of the San Diego dance community and placed in this competition with such talent. Thank you for this opportunity and allowing me to share my work.

And thank you Khamla for your time and for sharing your talents with us.  We eagerly await your performance.

Here is a quick clip from a modern dance class Khamla taught at APA to give you an idea of what she is capable of.

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