SDDT In-School Residencies

We have been busy working on some videos of our in-school residencies with our fabulous artists, and we thought we’d share with you first-hand just how wonderful it is to have art in schools.  With all of the budget cuts happening across the US, it seems that the absolute joy that arts brings students is completely forgotten.  It was wonderful to witness it with two of SDDT’s company members:

Here is Alana Burree working with a fabulous class of third graders:

And here is Anthony Diaz rocking out with some fabulous High School gals:


Aren’t they wonderful?  These videos bring us joy, and we thought we should share.

Speaking of wonderful Dance Programs for students, have you heard of Dance Fierce? On top of these in-school residencies SDDT Collaborates with the wonderful Cortney Golub and SDDT Company Dancer Annie Boyer to offer hip hop and modern dance classes to High School students in San Diego! Make sure to check out this semester’s performance: Around the World in 60 Minutes on March 19th at 6pm and 7:30pm.    You can find information here and on the Dance Fierce website.  Amazing things are happening with young performers and SDDT!

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One Response to SDDT In-School Residencies

  1. It’s so important that we not only focus on ourselves, established adults, but turn our attention to the youth. Who will fill these positions in companies for all these talented choreographers in San Diego? The answer always lies in the youth. It is wonderful to see SDDT outreach in schools and my pleasure to run DANCE FIERCE. Thanks for the shot out on this blog SDDT! The youth is our tomorrow. Let’s help them be the change we and they want to see in the world…


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