Guest Blog Feature from our Aging Creatively Class!

Since Mid-January SDDT has been hosting an “Aging Creatively” course on Wednesday mornings.  The class is open to all Senior Citizens (60+), and the first class is free!  We have enjoyed watching the progress of consistent students, and have also enjoyed newcomers coming in and out of the lovely and inspiring class.  This week we asked one of the regulars, Kathleen O’ Neil, if should would write us a blog about her experiences with the class.  Here is what she had to say:

Photo By Manuel Rotenberg

Five Six Seven Eight!


We have been moving along since Mid-January.  Our time to soar is Wednesdays at 10 A.M. in the Studio… under the guidance of Yvonne Gagliardo and Jean Isaacs.  Our numbers have varied from 8..(oh yes, rainy morning!) to 26, with the total number of participants at 32.   The combined ages of this group of exceptional people if counted in miles would reach the moon.  One person snuck in at age 58… and the oldest person is 93 .. (she is adorable and she MOVES.)  That’s who we are.
Photographer Manny Rotenberg captured the essence of US… one Wednesday morning as only he can.  Now,  not only are we in existence but it is digital.

Photo By Manuel Rotenberg

As we work and move forward it is important to keep a journal of our thoughts and recollections.  We are being encouraged to bring a notebook,  and take time at the end of the class to make entries. What did we do… What did we see… How did we interact with the group… What came to mind from the dim dark past?

(At the end of the class this last week,  I had a vivid recollection of the huge wonderful room where, as a Freshman at the University of Washington, I took a gym class called DANCE!   1945…I was 17. There were multi-paned windows all around high above the dance floor. On those gloomy, rainy, grey mornings I checked out my dance clothes… a faded purple leotard, long sleeve top, and a wrap skirt in faded rose. I got changed, and entered the world of dance.  Martha Graham was the rage in Seattle at that time,  and we all practiced moves .. a la Graham.  I remember trying to FALL over and over again,  shoulder tucked under then roll and come up with some semblance of grace.  I had bruises on my shoulders, my elbows, my knees… and as for grace… I am sure it was woefully lacking.  But I remember feeling like I had wings.  It has been eons since I even thought of that experience… the last time I tried DANCE. )

It would be fun if you shared a flash-back or a recollection.   This blog is yours.

– 2 ELLEFF (Kathleen’s Blog Signature)

Thank you so much Kathleen!  We love this update and would also love to hear your shared recollections!

Photo By Manuel Rotenberg

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One Response to Guest Blog Feature from our Aging Creatively Class!

  1. Kim Stephens-Doll says:

    I have been to all but one class. I really feel as if I have received a gift from the universe in these classes. It’s so wonderful to move meaningfully. I’ve finally allowed myself to do something that I have always dreamed of but was not permitted as a child. It is sad mystery to me why I made myself wait so long. It is a great joy to me, regardless of how I look on the outside.

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