Dance Fierce Performance Aftermath

Last weekend SDDT’s after-school outreach program Dance Fierce (coordinated by the amazing Cortney Golub and company member Annie Boyer) held a fabulous performance event at the City Heights Performance Annex.  Here are some spirited pictures from the event:


Post-show a student shared her thoughts on the performance experience:

This is how I feel right now.  Unedited.

I am a Dancer

I wake up counting the days until Tuesday.  Where I will take off my shoes and be happy.  I will move my body in control of who I am for once in my life.  I will smile as I dance independently.  I will try something new and let my heart take control.  I don’t need to speak to express myself anymore.  My worries left behind as I move.  I am a dancer.

I am inspired by Anthony (Diaz).  When I throw my sneakers back on, run into place to rock back and forth to music I do not believe I liked a few months before.  As I bend my legs to warm up, I feel free.  I don’t feel fat for the first time in a while.  I dance away wishinh 5:45 would never come.  I don’t know how to fake smile.  I cannot stop smiling while the hip hop beats move.  I understand that I am not the best dancer in the world.  I have no fear and I extend my arms and reach.

This is the happiest I will ever be.  Today at the Performance Annex I danced in front of my grandmother.  She distracted me with her smile so much that I forgot the next move.  I tumbled through the whole rest of the piece.  The next time we performed the piece I felt relieved, at my strength to not worry about who was watching, or what people thought.  I am happy when I dance.

The beat to the ending bowing song is still in my head.  I gripped Jazmine and Audrey’s hands as I cheered our team on.  I was overjoyed to hand Cortney flowers that she desperately deserves.  My inspiration at school everyday.  What an honor in Cortney’s humanities class.  What an opportunity to be able to dance.  I know that music is all around us if only we would open our ears.  I try to listen to the music as I am happy every day.

I realized tonight that I am a dancer.


Thank you Genevieve for sharing your beautiful words!  This is exactly why such programming exists and we are proud to host it in our studio.  Special thanks to Cortney and Annie, as well as exceptional Dance Fierce instructors Alana Burree and Anthony Diaz.

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