Guest Blog Feature- Aging Creatively

The lovely Kathleen O’ Neil is back with two more entries from her experiences with the “Aging Creatively” classes.  Here is what she has to say about her time in our studio:

Photo by Manuel Rotenberg

Five, Six, Seven, Eight!

-Last Wednesday at the Aging Creatively class  Yvonne had us dancing to Irish jig music… (with just a wee bit of the old tango thrown in for balance).  Sure and begorah!  We had a new participant, Sandra, who comes from a background of a lifetime of belly dancing. Welcome, Sandra.   Maybe we will be dancing to some of that traditional music one of these days.  Who knows?

We hope Kim will grace the class with her lovely violin music again.  Three weeks ago out of a clear blue sky she walked in before class with a violin case, opened it up, and proceeded to play a heavenly version of the folk song  “The River is Wide”.  What a great way to start a class.  What a talent!  What a joy to hear!

The class is being encouraged to bring a notebook to keep a record of your thoughts and recollections… a journal, if you will!  It is yours to enjoy and marvel at.  Maybe if you share some of these thoughts with Jean, it will light a choreographic spark…

COME ….  ENJOY…..  You only go around once,  but you do it right,  and that’s all you need!


Photo by Manuel Rotenberg


-Five,   Six,   Seven,   Eight !!

 Step outside your life!  That is what I see the people in the Aging Creatively class doing each week.  They are:  Introducing novelty into their lives.  They are finding their world fresher, more creative.  They are more curious about everything.  (Some of us even tried to play the violin for the first time ever, and it was fun! )  

Four weeks ago Kim showed up before class with a violin case tucked under her arm.  She opened it, took out her violin and proceeded to play “The River is Wide”… a plaintive Appalachian folk song.  What a lovely way to start a class.  Then can you imagine the delight when she handed her beautiful instrument to some of us and showed us how to play it? 

 The new person joined that class,  Sandra, shared with us that when her life changed drastically a number of years ago, she decided to take up belly dancing.  (How is that for a free spirit?)  She has been belly dancing for seventeen years.   Now she is learning tondu, plie, and chasse… how to say them and how to do them!  She could hardly wait to let her daughter, a long time dancer of ballet and jazz, know about her newest adventure.

This past week we took a few minutes after the class to express our enthusiasm for what we have been doing so far.  One participant said she had found something precious and she was “going for it!”.   Another said it had taken many years of living to allow herself to be free enough to do this.  When she was growing up,  it was forbidden in her home to dance or even move rhythmically to the music of the day.  At 93 she is the oldest one in the class,  but perhaps one of the youngest ones in spirit!  She shares her wisdom with us each week.  Now if that isn’t worth dancing about,  I don’t know what is.  Come,  join us.   


Thank you for sharing Kathleen!  We love your inspirational words from this wonderful class!

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