Choreographer’s Corner: Blythe Barton take#2

For the first time in our blog history we have a returning guest in our Choreographer’s Corner: the wonderful Blythe Barton. Blythe is also producing new work for our New Voices production performing at SDSU May 14th and 15th. The last time we interviewed Blythe it was for her participation in the ‘New Choreographer’s Prize’ (you can find that interview HERE).

We kept this interview short and sweet by simply asking Blythe what she would like the audience to know about her piece coming into the performance, and here is what she had to say:

I was initially inspired by the quote, “the banality of evil.” This led to the exploration of how humans interact and react to aggression, both as the aggressor and as the person being imposed upon. How can this conversation of power be portrayed with gestures and phrases of movement? From this creative starting place, I delved further into the abstraction of power. Fast abrasive partnering, staccato gestures, and nearly ‘too fast’ dance phrase heighten the frenetic atmosphere and push the dancers to create a power within them and within the dynamic energy on stage. 

Thanks Blythe!  We are so excited to see what magic you make.

To help Blythe realize her vision, we are still working on our “New Voices” Campaign and are accepting donations to provide funding for all five of our choreographers participating in the performance.  You can make your contribution HERE.  Even $10 would be a huge help!

Check out this slide show of Blythe’s rehearsal!  All pictures by Rich Soublet!

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