Choreographer’s Corner: Minaqua McPherson

Photo by Rich Soublet

We are another day closer to our “New Voices” performance!  We are so flipping excited.  The phones are picking up with ticket purchases and the dancers and choreographers are preparing for what will no doubt be a wonderful evening of dance.

We are also continuing with our campaign to help out the choreographers asked to create new work for the show.  We have reached over half our goal already, and with over a week left, we are confident.  Thank you everyone who has already contributed- and for those who are able and inspired by these young artists as much as we are- check out the campaign site HERE.

Today’s Choreographer’s corner once again features one of the beautiful ladies involved in the production: the amazing Minaqua McPherson.  Minaqua is also a fabulous San Diego Dance Theater company member.

Once again, we asked what it is she would like the audience to know about her new work coming into the production, and this is what she had to say:

Originally the music for this work inspired me to develop it’s theme which focuses on a woman’s struggle in upholding life and keeping her family together. I created ‘A Woman’s Thread’ with three dancers and each has an individual journey that they embark upon as well as a responsibility to help one another through certain defined struggles. The dancers will be wearing tan dresses with a single burnt red, orange or brown long hanging scarf that is wrapped around their entire midsection. The scarf its self  is symbolic and can be given many meanings as it accents the belly or womb, resembles both an apron and a corset and because the scarf is long it is also a constant obstacle that each woman has to move around. 
The piece has great energy  with very strong dancers who each have found their own identity in the work so I am looking forward to presenting A Woman’s Thread next week.

Thank you Minaqua!  We are so excited to see your work!  Below is a slide show of one of Minaqua’s rehearsal for New Voices.  All photos are by the talented Rich Soublet.  Thanks Rich!

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