Choreographer’s Corner: Anne Gehman

Anne at work!

Since it’s the week of our New Voices show at the Don Powell Theater on the beautiful SDSU campus (find all ticket purchasing information HERE), we are featuring our final choreographer for the production today!

Anne Gehman is a hard-working woman who not only teaches for SDDT (every Friday from 10-11:30am), but she also has started a brand new collaborative Dance Production company called Youturn Arts!  Check out information on it HERE!  Anne is fabulous, and you should absolutely keep an eye out for her as she continues to take the San Diego dance world by storm.

Here is what she has to say about what she would like the audience to know coming into her piece for New Voices:

I would like the audience to know that, while  the content of the “The Anniversary” relates to my life and personal relationship experience, it also explores a situation which may relate to many  people who embark on a love/ relationship journey in their lives. The dance is an investigation of the circumstances and obstacles in life which both define a love relationship and keep the relationship in a state of longing. I believe these hardships and obstacles are defining moments in a love relationship because they cause an individual to reminisce about the times in your life(however abundant or few they may be) that are beautiful, harmonious and come with ease… These are the times that help you to endure the obstacles, the moments that keep you coming back for more.

Wonderful.  Thank you Anne.  We are so excited to finally see what you, and what all the choreographers have been working on for this production.  The buzz around it has been entirely positive, and we are certain that it is going to be something very special.  We hope you all join us.

Here is a slide-show of one of Anne’s rehearsal’s for New Voices.  All pictures are by the talented Rich Soublet.  Thanks Rich!

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One Response to Choreographer’s Corner: Anne Gehman

  1. jordoncloud says:

    Beautiful! This blog makes me miss dancing and watching dance in San Diego.

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