Young Choreographer’s Prize Interview: Arthur Huang & Trixi Agiao

‘The Young Choroegraphers Prize Showcase’ is creeping closer and closer and with every interview we get more and more ecstatic.  Today, we interview our first returning competitors from last year’s performance, and our first collaborating duo- the wonderful Arthur Huang and Trixi Agiao!  Here is what they had to share about their work and their submission this year:

Tell us a little bit about your history in Dance.

We both started our formal training at the University of San Diego, California.  Before then, Arthur spent his time doing theater and improv.  Trixi busied herself with show choir, colorguard, and drill team in high school.  If we hadn’t gone to UCSD for college we probably wouldn’t be dancing right now.  We’re very thankful that their program is open to anyone who wants to learn and we took full advantage of the amazing professors and opportunities.  We had the pleasure of studying under many inspiring and supportive teachers including Allyson Green, Eric Geiger and Margaret Marshall. UCSD is also where we, along with Calvin Tsang, Morgan Mcgreevey, Matthew Bovee, and Moae Ikeda started our dance company the Collective Dance Collective. We also choreograph and perform with Twisted Movement, another new San Diego Dance Company. Trixi and I first choreographed together in 2008, a dance-theater piece about a family who encounters a skunk. We have choreographed numerous pieces together since then, and hopefully there’s many more to come.


In 100 words or less, why do you believe your work should win this competition? 

We’re just honored to be chosen to in this competition along with such accomplished and talented choreographers. We are going in a very different direction from last year and we hope people will enjoy it. We believe our unique personality (yes, just one) will be what sets us apart. We can’t wait to see the works of the other choreographers and be inspired.


What are the themes involved in your piece?  Is this a new exploration for you? 

We don’t want to explain the piece too much because we feel that it takes something away from the audience. However, we will say that it has been very challenging working on this piece. We are taking a serious subject but approaching it through humor to see how contrasting dynamics interact. The hard part is finding the balance so that neither one overshadows the other.


What do you want your audience to know coming into the performance? 

“Our business in this world is not to succeed, but to continue to fail, in good spirits.” – Robert Louis Stevenson.

Thanks guys!  We can’t wait to see your wonderful work this year!

Check out this little sample video of the duo in action:


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