Young Choreographers Prize Interview: Dina Smirnova!

With each passing day we are getting closer and closer to our fantastic ‘Young Choreographers Prize Showcase’ performance and things are steaming up!  The finalists are working hard and we are fortunate to continue to get all the insider-info on their work. Which we in turn are fortunate to share with you!  Today we interviewed the lovely Dina Smirnova about her upcoming work for the competition:

Tell us a little bit about your history in Dance.

My dance training is rooted in the genre of hip-hop, which eventually led to my interest in other dance styles at an older age.  In high school, I discovered choreography, improvisation, and modern dance.  I built on this foundation with technical training in the forms of ballet, jazz, and (more) modern dance at Chapman University in Orange, Ca.  Some of my common choreographic explorations include intricate isolations, fragmentation/deconstruction of movement phrases, the juxtaposition of varying dynamics, abstraction of imagery, and music visualization.  I am extremely influenced by the grounded movement of hip-hop dance, the unpredictability of improvisational partner work, and the spatial & body awareness of Lewitzky technique.

In 100 words or less, why do you believe your work should win this competition?

The goals for this performance are to make a statement and to provide an opportunity for my dancers to express themselves. Ultimately, winning this competition would allot sufficient funding to foster my creativity and thus, create the financial means for my future creative endeavors.  Although the monetary compensation would provide some sense of financial freedom, I do not gauge my skill as a choreographer based off of the subjectivity of an audience member or a panel of judges.  Poor or wealthy, I will continue to create art.

What are the themes involved in your piece?  Is this a new exploration for you?

A recurring theme in this piece of work is the idea of uncertainty.  A universal state of mind, uncertainty often manifests in feelings of disconnect, isolation, spontaneity, and ambivalence.

This exploration is a new one for me.  As I have experienced many life changes in the past year, the feeling of being uncertain about my next course of action was, ironically, an integral part of creating this piece of work and is visible within its movement vocabulary.

What do you want your audience to know coming into the performance?

Due to the inherently unique nature of human experience, it does not matter what I create because each audience member’s interpretations of what my work is/is not will inevitably vary.  Thus, entertainment is a by-product; in fact, my only intention is for my work to mean nothing more than the extent of the individual’s own perception. The beauty of art is that no interpretation is a wrong one.

Thank you Dina!  We can’t wait to see your work.  Check out a sneak-peek of her choreography below:

Get your tickets to the production today by visiting our website HERE!

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One Response to Young Choreographers Prize Interview: Dina Smirnova!

  1. Lexi W. says:

    If anyone deserves to win this competition it is Dina Smirnova. She is the most talented, intellectual, hard-working, most amazing person I have ever come across in my life. She cares so much about the art and beauty of dance, and her choreography is breathtaking. I cannot wait to see all of the amazing things she will do with her career.

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