Young Choreographers Prize Interview: Anne Gehman!

Anne Gehman is a beautiful familiar face around the SDDT offices.  She teaches several classes for our studio and has choreographed for many studio showcases as well as our ‘New Voices’ concert last year.  We love Anne and we are happy to share with your her interview for the upcoming showcase (March 25th!) with you.

Tell us a little bit about your history in Dance.

I’m a native Floridian and alumni of Jacksonville University, Santa Fe Community College and Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Since I began my training in the forum of academia (via charter schools), I learned very slowly that we may choose to pursue art… but the medium, chooses us. Though I trained classically, I have always, curiously, found myself thrust into the position of dance-maker and choreographer.  I have performed and choreographed for several companies throughout, Florida, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, France and San Diego. I’m currently a guest performer and teacher for San Diego Dance Theatre and Co-Founder of youTurn Contemporary Arts Exhibition. 

I would say, I have the heart of a philosopher. Dance Theater, is the way in which I get to ask questions of the human condition and embody the proposed answers through movements and energies. The fleeting chance of discovering some truth about ourselves and one another is the promise this medium gives me… each and every breath, shift, thought, pathway, determines a new experience and intention for both the audience and the performers. The fact that such detail matters, can actually be quite cruel, but such is life.  We yearn to connect, but life is happening, changing exponentially around us, every second of our existence, so we humans consistently bypass each other (physically and existentially). The chance happenings that occur during live performance are what thrill me! These happenings are the result of a unique environment which brings people together, hoping to be entertained, spectated, recognized and understood.  


In 100 words or less, why do you believe your work should win this competition? 

I plead the 5th and pass this question onto my SuperPac!!!!

Just kidding! (a little political joke for the day).

I WANT my work to win because I would love to be able to PAY MY DANCERS!. 

I THINK my work should win because…Well ? Why Not? The costumes will be Fabulous…

Choreography of Anne's Displayed at YouTurn.

What are the themes involved in your piece? 

Well….. Thats a loaded question, that I may dodge, for the sake of surprise. I’m Not one of those choreographers who will say “its abstract” or “up to what you see and interpret”… There is a very clear and distinct theme I chose to work with in this piece. I just don’t want to give it all away. So I will discuss the inspiration for the theme, without actually saying the theme. 

One day I was listening to Otis Redding and realized that his music “turns me on” without fail. Then I began to think of how finicky a woman’s desire can be, which in turn inhibits her efforts to “achieve” ….. you know “achieve” …. nature’s way of messing with us, I’m sure. These thoughts were the seeds of my new work. 

 Is this a new exploration for you? 

I often chose themes that explore woman and their journeys. 


What do you want your audience to know coming into the performance?  

Open yourself up. This is a clear theme that most adults can relate to. I hope that everyone finds plenty of humor and relate-ability in this piece’s environment, situations and explorations. 
Thanks Anne!  This piece sounds like it’s going to be hot!  We can’t wait to see it.  Get your tickets today HERE!

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