White Box Riser Construction

SDDT is so excited to christen the new ‘White Box Theater’ space at the NTC at Liberty Station with our Studio Showcase this weekend!  With support from the NTC Foundation, County of San Diego Neighborhood Reinvestment Fund, and Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, we are working to transform Studio 205 in Building 176 into a top notch performance space.  Last weekend a devoted SDDT crew gathered together to help construct the risers needed to make this performance space ideal for a large audience’s viewing accessibility.  It took a lot of patience and muscle to make this happen.  This blog is devoted to our hard-working riser-building crew!

Check out the progress in our slide-show below, and a sneak-peak of the impressively beautiful space!:

Flickr Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Extra special Thank You to the following volunteers:

Robert Barton – Designed seating risers and managed construction.
Pam Sherman Keel – Lighting Designer, Designed lighting and organized new instrument purchasing.
Alan Ziter and NTC Facilities.
SunBelt Rentals – Equipment Rental.

Volunteers: George Willis, Bill Hargreaves, Tom Bedford, Derek Bedford, Tony Candotti, Blythe Barton, and Steve Baker.

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