‘The Door is Open’ Performer Interview: John Diaz

Our next production, “The Door is Open: An Intergenerational Dance Project is right around the corner!  It will be showing at the Saville Theater May 18th & 19th. The piece has understandably generated a lot of excited energy and interest.  Because of this interest, we have asked the performers involved in the production to give our audiences a little insight on what is happening with this world-premiere work.  So, for the days leading up to the show we will be sharing several interviews with the performers as they express their experiences and excitement.  First up we have company member John Diaz:

Photo by Manny Rotenberg

Q: How has this production been unique for you in comparison to other shows with SDDT?  

A:  It has been wonderful to work with a totally different population whom you wouldn’t think of as “Dancers.” Watching the senior group work to learn movements, one can see the depth of experience from their lives in each gesture. For some of these older dancers, this is the first time they have ever danced and that has also been a pleasure to be a part of their emergence as artists.

Q: Why do you think it is important?  

A: If there is importance it is in the fact that creating this context of senior citizens and professional dancers together on stage allows the ideas of what a moving human being on stage is to be redefined.

Q: What have you felt you learned in working on this show?  

A: That bonding with your fellow performers occurs no matter what show one is in or whoever is in it.


Bill Murray, Jean Isaacs, and John Diaz in rehearsal.

Thanks John!  We look forward to your work as always!  Stay tuned for more of these glimpses into the production this week and next, and make sure to get your tickets to the show today!


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