Guest Blogger: Kay O’ Neil

At the beginning of our ‘Aging Creatively’ class, we asked the fabulous student Kay O’ Neil to share her experiences.  In light of the upcoming performance ‘The Door is Open: An Intergenerational Dance Project” (in which Kay is dancing AND singing) she has returned as a guest blogger to share her experiences with you.  Here is what Kay has to say:

Kay O’ Neil

“HEY, MA, LOOK AT ME!!!  I’M DANCING!!!!”  They put my son, Kent, in his first show … Guys and Dolls at El Camino High, and decided,  since he was tall, and good looking, and smart enough,  they would make him a dancer in the show.  He never looked back.  He changed his future major at UCLA from Economics to Dance… and away he went.  He and my daughter-in-law are both dancers, and teach at Oberlin College. 
“HEY, KENT, LOOK AT ME!!   I’M DANCING!!!!”    THE DOOR IS OPEN.    I have been taking class  for 14 months at San Diego Dance Theater.. and even though, at 84.  I am the oldest in the class,  and certainly the most “challenged” in all ways,  I am dancing!   I love it!   I try to never miss a class.  The other senior dancers are a collection of marvelous human beings.  The mood is always “up”!   Moving makes me feel alive.   So look out, world!   I am not looking back!
 Gee,  I wish Kent could be here to see me dance in my first show!    
-Kay O’Neil
Thanks Kay!  We can’t wait to see you and all of the dancers perform in this exciting production!  Get your tickets today by calling our office at 619.225.1803 or visiting us on the web HERE!
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