‘The Door is Open’ Performer Interview: Matt Carney!

It’s show week here at SDDT and we are busy taking ticket orders and gearing up for tech & dress rehearsals at the beautiful Saville Theater- where ‘The Door is Open: An Intergenerational Dance Project’ will be performing this weekend.  Since the show is so unique and inspiring to all the performers taking the stage, we have been thrilled to host this series of interviews and blog posts to give our audiences some ideas on what to expect from the production.  Today, company dancer Matt Carney shares his experiences from rehearsals:

Photo by Manuel Rotenberg

Q: How has this performance been unique for you in comparison to other shows with SDDT? 

A: In many respects, every show with SDDT is a unique experience.  This show represents one of many creative ideas that is trademark for SDDT.  Keeps the audience guessing!
Q: Why do you think it is important? 

A: In the ever changing and evolving world of art it is important to be pliable and not attach too much to a particular style.  Hopefully this show will engage a new audience that will be interested in seeing the whole gamut of what SDDT has to offer.
Q: What have you felt you learned in working on this show? 

A: Art is a continual process.  No matter what age we are or how long we have been participating in a particular art form, we have to push ourselves to continue strive to do and create new things.  It’s in ongoing process, never ending.

Thank you for your wonderful insight Matt!  We are so looking forward to this production, and we hope to see you there!  Visit us here for tickets, so give our office a call at 619.225.1803.

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