Trolley Dances 2012 Choreographer’s Corner: Annie Boyer

Trolley Dances is just a few short weeks away. Get your tickets at our website or call 619-225-1803.

Here is our first installment of ‘Choreographer’s Corner’- this time with Annie Boyer, company member of SDDT and director the DANCE FIERCE program.  She will be working with the teen site once again this year and we are so excited to share a little bit about her creative process!


Q: Please give us a brief history of your dance career.

A: At age 5, I began ballet classes.  By middle school I was accepted into and studied at a prestigious pre-professional ballet school, and I spent summers dancing at Houston Ballet and BalletMet in Ohio.  But after my senior year of high school, I decided to attend Jacob’s Pillow in the Berkshire mountains, where I discovered my true love of modern dance. I went on to receive my BFA in dance from The Boston Conservatory before moving to New York city in 2001.  I performed and toured nationally with Sean Curran Company for eight years.  I then moved to San Diego and have been a SDDT company member for five years- this will be my fifth Trolley!

Q: What excites you as a choreographer about working on Trolley Dances?

A: I am thrilled to be working with the teenagers in Trolley Dances for the second year in a row.  As the director and founder of DANCE FIERCE, I whole-heartedly believe in the collaboration of professional dancers with teenagers.  It’s exciting to see these young people involved in a production that is as high of a caliber as Trolley Dances is, and to see them live up to the professional expectations, and to succeed like they did last year.

Q: What is exciting about site-specific choreography to you?

A: Site-specific choreography is exciting in its uniqueness.  Working in sites other than a traditional stage or theater automatically provides an entirely different canvas to paint on.  Every element is different, from natural lighting to bumpy terrain to obstacles like trees and cars to the wind blowing in your hair. A dance is unique each time it’s performed on a stage,- that’s the beauty of performing arts- but a site-specific dance is REALLY different each time.

Q: What would you like audiences to know about your piece coming into Trolley Dances?

A: I would actually like the audience to know that these dancers are teenagers.  Last year the teen site was not titled as such (although it was obvious to some because of their fresh young faces), but many were shocked and impressed to discover this fact.  Again, these wonderful young people behave like professionals, and by showtime, will be performing like professionals.  I think it’s impressive to know that they’re teens, and hopefully inspiring to teenagers in the audience, that they too could be in Trolley!


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