Trolley Dances 2012 Choreographer’s Corner: Monica Bill Barnes

Just in time for her final Trolley Dances 2012 rehearsal today,  Monica Bill Barnes has shared some of her responses to our Choreographer’s Corner interview questions.  Monica has created five world-premier dances for the San Diego Dance Theater’s “Trolley Dances” and this year’s will be her 6th!  Every single piece Monica has created for this site-specific event has been completely unforgettable.  There is something magical about Monica’s style that really makes her contributions to Trolley Dances so special!
Check out her responses to learn a little more about her glorious new Trolley Dance to premier this weekend!  For ticket and performance information visit:
Q: What excites you as a choreographer about working on Trolley Dances?
Trolley Dances is absolutely one of the most exciting, artistically satisfying projects that I do outside of my dance company.  It is a unique, truly supported opportunity which was clearly created by an artist to give other artists a dream working experience.  I am so honored to be making my sixth dance for Trolley.
Q: What is exciting about site-specific choreography to you?
It is the only time that I can work with a complete “set.”  In my stage work I am lucky to get a single set piece and a few props.  At Trolley Dances, I get trees, a small hill, sidewalks, grass, gutters… what more could you want?
Q: What drew you to the site that you chose?
I loved that I could be in the middle of the road without worrying about being hit.
Q: What is challenging about this work? For you? For the dancers?
The usual site specific issues always exist.  What makes this dance matter on this site? It is both the challenge and the entire point of making site specific work.  We are attempting to be relevant, even extraordinary in an everyday location.
Q: What themes are you exploring while creating your new piece?
Marathons, sequin dresses, cheering, falling down and gutters.
Q:Where do you find your inspiration for new work?
I find inspiration in the fact that Lemon Grove has closed Main Street just because I wanted to make a dance there.  I find inspiration in the the fact that these ten performers arranged their lives to allow for us to work six hours a day for six days. It is such a privilege to work with this group of San Diego dancers, their commitment and artistry humbles me.
ImageSeptember 29 & 30 and October 6 & 7
2 hour tours leave every hour from 10 am –3 pm.
6 Tours Daily – On the hour: 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3
Starts at Grossmont Transit Center, La Mesa
Tickets are available at:
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