A Family Dance Affair with Liv Isaacs-Nollet

This year has brought many changes to my life and I am thrilled to be back on the stage after a year-long break. 7 months ago twin girls joined my family. My daughters, Teslin and Chiara are the new joys of my life. I can’t wait to see another generation of dancers take the stage!



ImageSince the Cabaret Dances performance always premiers in January, these rehearsals coincide with a crazy time of year- the holidays, my birthday, and Jean’s birthday. As a daughter of the Artistic Director,  this time of year is especially festive and meaningful for our family. Dancing during the holidays has always been a part of the festivities for us. Throughout my life there have always been shows of one kind or another; as a child it was the 17 years of Nutcracker performances and now the Sexy Smart Cabaret. My favorite Nutcracker memory is dancing the part of Clara with my father as Drosselmeyer. It is natural for all of us to be in the theater during this time of year.

Over the last eleven years, Cabaret Dances has been our family’s holiday tradition.  I’m excited that this year, we are bringing Cabaret back to our home at NTC. We hope the newly renamed White Box Live Arts performance space will be the go-to place to showcase new work and it’s a perfect venue for this premiere. I hope people take advantage of the Cabaret Club ticket and enjoy wine, dinner and desert as well as the show.  If you attended a SDDT event in the past, you know we love our wine and we love to have fun!


This year’s “Water Lilies” is a more serious work than some of our past Cabaret Dances. It feels like we are really creating art with the body as the paintbrush. I think the work is coming together as a beautiful evening-length collection. Hopefully, the audience will be taken to a surreal place that is ephemeral yet grounded. The impressionist aesthetic has influenced Jean’s approach to this work in a magnificent way, and I hope that the audience can appreciate the array of palates my mom has used to create this new and appealing Cabaret Dances.

“Water Lilies/Nymphéas”
11th Annual Cabaret Dances Inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies

Saturday, January 19, 8 PM & Sunday, January 20, 5 PM @ White Box at NTC Liberty Station

For ticket information, please visit: http://www.sandiegodancetheater.org/CabaretDances2013.html

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