Young Choreographers Showcase Interview: Lavina Rich

With only four weeks until the Young Choreographers Showcase & Prize, we still have quite a few choreographers to introduce you to!

Each of the choreographers are unique and wonderful artists. We hope these glimpses into their ideas and experiences will illuminate the work they present on February 23rd.
Next up is the funny and talented Lavina Rich.

YC2Tell us a little bit about your history in Dance:
I walked into a modern dance class at Grossmont College in 1995 thinking it was hip hop. I was too embarrassed to walk out so I stuck with it. And so it began! I realized early on that a career as principal with Alvin Ailey was not going to happen. I have no turn out, in fact I’m pigeon toed, my hamstrings are tight as a drum, and I have flat Fred Flintstone feet. Then I discovered Bob Fosse. He worked with what he had- and made it special. With the encouragement of some amazing teachers, I started making dances. That’s where I felt at home. As much as I love being on stage and performing, I realize that I have a different place in dance now. Let all the young whippersnappers run around and kick their legs- I’ll sit back and tell them how to do it in an interesting way.

In 100 words or less, why do you believe your work should win this competition?
I have a great group of dancers that I would love to pay. None of us do this for the money- but in order for our arts to continuing growing- having a budget to work with becomes critical. This money would help pay dancers, rent space, buy costumes, etc. For once I could just worry about making quality work.
As an independent choreographer, besides a budget, exposure is the hardest thing to achieve.  I am grateful to Jean for providing this opportunity to show my work to a large audience.YC1

What are the themes involved in your piece? Is this a new exploration for you?
This piece explores many themes (I’m in the editing process right now). We will be looking at women as a community and as individuals in a community. This is a new exploration of a recurring idea. My work always has a theme of sociology in it…how we interact with others- are effected by others.

tllydnce07.20d.5.3169.1What do you want your audience to know coming into the performance?
I want the audience to know that I’m not trying to recreate the choreographic wheel. I am a storyteller. Most of the stories I tell have been told. I consider it my job to tell the story in a way that only I can…from my crazy, analytical, immature, giggly mind.
Life is all about perspective. My work won’t appeal to everyone- but you will definitely know it’s mine. So sit back- don’t over-think it- and smile. It’s meant to be a wee silly.

Thank you Lavina! We will see you on February 23rd!

Get all of the details on this years Showcase & Prize at:

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