Young Choreographers Showcase Interview: Trixi Agiao & Arthur Huang

Each passing day draws us a little closer to this year’s Young Choreographers Showcase on February 23rd!  We still have a handful of choreographers to meet and lucky for us, this interview is with double-trouble-partners-in-crime Trixi Agiao and Arthur Huang!

Tell us a little bit about your history in Dance:
215588_10100259791946684_4665584_nTrixi+Arthur: Both our formal training started here at UCSD. We were actually in the same dance class under Terry Wilson our freshman year, but we both don’t have any recollection of seeing each other. Our first time working together was in Liam Clancy’s piece “The Merry Chase.” It was funny because neither of us had been dancing long, but we were instructed to make a duet.  A lot of our “choreographing” was us sitting there and staring at each other, hoping desperately for inspiration. But somehow, we survived and became good friends. As of today we have performed in over 15 shows together and jointly choreographed 8 pieces.

In 100 words or less, why do you believe your work should win this competition?
As contestants for the third year, our goal for entering this contest hasn’t shifted much. We just want to be able to share our choreography with as many people as possible because we both truly believe in the power of dance as a medium to create change in people’s lives. We will leave our work to speak for itself. We’re thankful to be part of this competition again and can’t wait to see the work of all the other talented artists.

What are the themes involved in your piece? Is this a new exploration for you?img_4054.1
The basic idea behind the piece is about acceptance and moving on. We chose this idea because it’s something everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. We examine how our community, from family, friends, to co-workers, can become our support when we are unable to face change by ourselves. This is a new exploration in that the tone for this piece is very different from our previous ones. We tried to focus on something more quiet and subtle this year.

What do you want your audience to know coming into the performance?
We really youngchor.3195.1are just happy to be in this contest again. We are very excited for everyone to see this new piece and we want to thank all our dancers for their hard work and beautiful dancing. To everyone, merde.

For tickets and other information, please visit:

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