Young Choreographers Showcase Interview: Jaime Nixon

Happy Wednesday YCP enthusiasts!  As the countdown to the showcase continues, costumes are being sewn, lighting ideas conceived, music editing underway, final touches being added, and choreographers are becoming more excited! Finalist Jaime Nixon has stepped away from the frenzy for a moment to share his interview answers with us.

Tell us a little bit about your history in Dance:
Jaime headshotI started dancing during my first semester at City College. There I put on my first jazz shoes and did my first tendu around September 2010. I had no intention to dance in college (in fact I was a bio-psych major), but a friend of mine convinced me to go to her jazz class and I ended up enrolling in it after the first day.  After watching my first dance concert and my peers perform I decided to enroll in a modern dance class, and from there I completely fell in love with dance.  I immediately started performing at City College with as many choreographers and courses that they offered. I also branched out of City College to take advantage of what my community offered and performed for Mesa Community College as well as Southwestern College.  Along with training and performing for these schools, I had the honor to take the 2012 summer intensives for PGK Project, Malashock Dance, as well as San Diego Dance Theater. Following the summer intensives I was chosen to be part of “Tough Guys Wear Pink” by Jean Isaacs for the 2012 Trolley Dances.  As far as my choreography experience, I got the chance to set my first piece at the Saville Theater last fall for City College. While I haven’t set several dances on stage, I have had a huge interest in creating my own movement from the start of my training.

Why do you believe your work should win this competition?
I think we are all more than qualified to win and I have no doubts it’s going to be a great show.  However, at the end of the day there is going to be a winner, and I would LOVE to be that winner. I would like to pay my dancers. They’re all talented young individuals who are doing me a huge favor and volunteering their time for me. Also I would love to continue creating dance and the prize would definitely propel me forward with my future plans and goals.

What are the themes involved in your piece? Is this a new exploration for you?

citydance.9936.1I try to intertwine my interest in bio psych with dance. So inspired by the sciences “Hemisphere” revolves around the human brain and how it controls our bodies, personalities, thoughts, actions… basically our whole existence. Then I was intrigued by how we can completely change or be limited by brain damage. However, this theme by nature is very vague so along the process it grew into so much more. In its simplicity its about the relationship between our bodies and minds, and their plasticity.  While this kind of intent and theme are in the ball park of themes I’m interested in, I’m still new to choreographing in general, especially setting my movement on other bodies.

What do you want your audience to know coming into the performance?

I want the audience to simply enjoy the show.  These are all talented choreographers and it is a huge honor to get to showcase my work alongside theirs. Creating a dance is a long process, and the audience only gets to see the finished outcome. The choreographers and dancers have put a lot of hard work into this event,  and we would like the audience to open their minds and enjoy the show.

Thanks Jaime!

Don’t forget, you too can have a say in who’s hard work really pays off!
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