Behind the Scenes- “There the Dance Is”

The holidays are here, so “There the Dance Is” is just about one month away! Two Company dancers took some time to reflect on the process.

What has been most exciting about this year’s rehearsal process for “There the Dance Is”?
Minaqua: Welcoming back Liv Isaacs, Trystan Loucado, and welcoming in Shannon Snyder were my favorite moments. Things are always a bit hectic when there is a major transition that occurs in the company, but I feel that we are stronger now than we have ever been and it has been a blast creating with all of the company members for this show.
1459961_488589147923057_1348087794_nZaquia: For me, it has been really exciting and challenging to create and learn works in so many different styles. We have been rehearsing everything simultaneously, and the shifts from one mode to the next have been fun to explore. Between the Cabaret style numbers, the pieces with SACRA/PROFANA (the live choir), and the new work from Monica Bill Barnes, we will be delivering performances that run the spectrum!

Which piece are you most looking forward to performing at the Mandell Weiss? Why?
SF trolley 2013 yvonne cropMinaqua: I am most excited to perform the Trio that Blythe, Zaquia and I created with Jean as we have only performed it in very odd sized spaces (outside at Coastal Rail Trail and in the Children’s Reading Room at the South Chula Vista Library. It was even performed by three other dancers at the San Francisco Trolley Dances). I anticipate it being a fun challenge to make the dance work for a large proscenium stage.
Zaquia: Performing dances with the live voices of SACRA/PROFANA in a traditional theater space…. We performed one section at Trolley Dances, and two at Library Dances. It will be interesting to see how the pieces develop in the Mandell Weiss and how the choir will be incorporated.

_td13.1093.1.This year’s performance will mark Jean’s 70th birthday. Please share a favorite memory of your time working with her to celebrate!
Minaqua: My favorite moments have happened in rehearsal when the dancer’s surprise her choreographically. Jean will sometimes give a short squeak or gasp while watching us rehearse if we have managed to do that and for me it is always rewarding to know that we’re not becoming predictable or dull especially in the creative process.
Zaquia: Jean’s has been a nurturing leader and has pushed me to be a stronger dancer and performer. The continuous learning process I experience from working with Jean has created lasting memories that I will cherish as being fundamental in my growth as an artist.

Great! Keep at it ladies, we can’t wait to see you on stage next month!

Tickets for “There the Dance Is” are available at:

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