“There the Dance Is” is now only a week away! Cecily Holcombe and Rachel Torres, two UCSD alumni dancing in the show, have shared insight into their experience with this special show. Both are a part of the SDDT dance community, performing in events such as our studio showcases, Trolley Dances, summer workshops, and much more. We love them both and can’t wait to see them on stage!

What are you hoping to experience through performing at the Mandeville in “There the Dance Is” as an alumni of UCSD?fest.2368.1

Cecily: I’m thrilled to be sharing a stage with the company as well as being able to perform at Mandell Weiss again. It is so special to dance with fellow alumni that I have known for decades, as well as ones that I have met more recently. One of my dance goals has been to perform in SDDT’s Cabaret Dances, and now I get to! So excited! Just hope I don’t screw it up!
Rachel: I’m very excited to be a part of “There the Dance Is” and to be performing at UCSD as an alumni. I’m just hoping to have a lot of fun and to learn as much as possible from Jean and the other UCSD alumni throughout this entire process. It will be great to be back on campus and dancing with so many amazing people.

What is your fondest memory of your time as a dancer at UCSD or with Jean?
Cecily: I took my very first dance classes at UCSD, and really had no idea what modern dance was. After studying with Jean for a few months, I still wasn’t quite hooked, but kept coming back. There was this one day in class when Jean said something (can’t remember what!) and I realized that I wasn’t actually dancing from my heart, and I owed it to myself to stop being so embarrassed. I then took a winter workshop with Jean that completely changed my attitude. Only when I got over being scared and shy did I discover how much I loved to dance. Now I’m scared for the day I won’t be able to dance!
fest.2104.1Rachel: I would say my fondest memory from my time as a dancer at UCSD is WinterWORKS 2011. I had the opportunity to work with one of the MFA Candidates, Janet Hayatshahi, along with eight other undergraduate students. Janet’s rehearsal process included a lot of improvisation and discussion, so that we could truly get to know each other before creating movement together. It was such a supportive and accepting group of dancers and rehearsals, creating a safe place where we could explore new ideas about movement without feeling any sort of judgment. It was a joy dancing with all of them.

What part of this rehearsal process has been most memorable for you?
Cecily: So far, I have been working with Monica Bill Barnes and it is such a treat to learn from someone who has found success but remains the same sweet, wise, inspiring woman I met over 20 years ago.
Rachel: There have been a lot of laughs working with Jean. Most memorable moment…when I was trying to be sexy and Jean told me I’m a total cheeseball…


Get your tickets for “There the Dance Is” to catch Cecily and Rachel in repertory and new works! 
Tickets are available at: http://www.sandiegodancetheater.org/ThereTheDanceIs.html

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