Trolley Dances 2014: Dancer Interview #1: Shauna Tyser

It’s officially September and you know what that means; Trolley Dances 2014 is coming up in a few short weeks! The dancers and choreographers have been rehearsing for several weeks, and now they have some experiences they’d like to share with you!


Shauna in Choreography by Khamla Somphanh. Trolley Dances 2013.


First, we have a 4-time Trolley Dances veteran, Shauna Tyser. Shauna moved here from Philadelphia in 2010, the day before Trolley Dances auditions! She showed up and was cast by Jean, and has been dancing all over San Diego ever since!  She has danced in Trolley for Jean Isaacs in 2010, Minerva Tapia in 2011, Khamla Somphanh in 2013, and has come full circle to work with Jean again this year! She also dances around town with GET DOWN/PICK UP company, and isadoraNOW

What has been your favorite Trolley Dances location? What has been the most challenging? 

My favorite Trolley Dances site was Khamla Somphanh’s site on the playground at the Monarch School last year. I enjoyed her movement style; it was challenging, and athletic.


Shauna in Choreography by Jean Isaacs. Trolley Dances 2010.

The most challenging Trolley Dances for me so far was Minerva Tapia’s piece in 2011 because of a last minute site change! We had to adjust a dance to a different site on the first day of the performances. We had originally planned to perform the piece indoors in the lobby of a car dealership, but ended up outside in a fountain at a shopping center in Santee!  The new location changed the audience perspective and gave new intention to the piece, so we had to figure out how to bring the piece to life in a new space.

What has kept you interested in performing in Trolley over the years?

The chance to work with different choreographers and dancers each year.  It brings all styles of dance together which makes it extra fun!


Shauna in Choreography by Minerva Tapia. Trolley Dances 2011.

What advice would you give audience members?

Come with an open mind and a sense of adventure. Also, try viewing a piece from a different perspective than you would in a traditional performance space. You may have the opportunity to see dance in a whole new way you never expected!

Buy your tickets for Trolley Dances and hop on board!

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