Trolley Dances 2014: Dancer Interview #4: Bradley Lundberg

Trolley 2012


Trolley Dances 2014 opens this weekend, and we have another veteran Trolley Dances participant willing to share his many years of site-specific experience as a dancer and choreographer! Welcome Bradley Lundberg; 9 times Trolley Dancer, and choreographer in 2006 and 2010. This year, he is dancing with the SDDT company in Michael Mizerany’s first site-specific dance. Lets take a walk down memory lane…

What has been your favorite Trolley Dances site/location?

Trolley Dances-  grace shinhae jun millsMy favorite sites have been the fountains. I performed in the dancing fountain with grace and it was a blast because it was different every time.  The fountain was always at a different part of its sequence but it always seemed to be perfectly choreographed to our movements. But my favorite was the three duets I choreographed for the children’s wading pool.  That piece had so many beautiful images and in the photographs it appeared to be snowing.

What has been the most challenging?

The children’s reading room was the most difficult.  It was small and we had to perform more than once per tour.  We would finish one performance and then reset to do it again for the second half of the tour and back then we had more tours per day.  It was hard work.

Trolley Dances- Bradley 2010What has kept you interested in performing in Trolley over the years?

I love reaching a bigger audience and one that doesn’t usually go to see dance .  Because we are in the community, more people attend the show either from word of mouth or from stumbling across it and then return year after year.  Also the site specific work has dramatic staging opportunities that stage does not offer.

What advice would you give audience members?
Be prepared to go on an adventure.  Bring a hat or umbrella so that you are able to concentrate on the dances and not spend your time seeking shade!


Thanks for sharing Bradley! See you this weekend as we kick of Trolley Dances 2014!
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Photos- Top to Bottom:
Bradley in Trolley Dances 2012 by Greg Sample, photo by Manny Rotenberg
Bradley in Trolley 2004 by grace shinhae jun, photo by Manny Rotenberg
Bradley in his own work for Trolley Dances 2010, photo by Yvonne Portra
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