Trolley Dances 2015- dancer interviews: Desiree Cuizon Fejeran & Edrian Pangilinan

Trolley Dances 2014, San Diego City College, Blythe Barton

Trolley Dances patrons love attending this one-of-a-kind production year after year because of how unique it is; exciting new choreography taking place in unexpected places. There are many people involved in making this event successful every year, especially the adventurous dancers who take on the task of bringing the show to life! Today, we’re sharing a little bit of their involvement with you. Dancers Desiree Cuizon Fejeran (whom we are pleased to have as a new addition to the San Diego Dance Theater Company roster), and community dancer Edrian Pangilinan have reflected on their adventures with this site-specific undertaking.

Desiree Cuizon Fejeran: I grew up in the Bay Area. I moved to San Diego 11 years ago to attend SDSU. I am one of the newest company members with San Diego Dance Theater. I also currently dance with the PGK Dance Project and other local artists. This will be my 3rd year performing in Trolley Dances.
Edrian Pangilinan: I’ve always considered myself an optimist, romanticist, and a certified foodie. Oh, and I also love dancing. This is my 3rd Trolley Dance. Prior to this year, I have been in two productions – both as a dancer for Jean Isaacs (“Tough Guys Wear Pink” in 2012 + “Northgate Market Plaza” in 2013).

Trolley Dances 2012, La Mesa Trolley Stop, Jean Isaacs

What has been your favorite Trolley Dances site/location?
Desiree: My favorite Trolley Dances site that I performed in was at the San Diego Central Library because we were there for the grand opening and I’m a book worm. My favorite location that I’ve seen was at the SDSU stone sculpture and trolley center (2004).
Edrian: Definitely the one at the La Mesa trolley stop, “Hot Guys Wear Pink.” It was so hot and in the end we danced inside the big water fountain. That was awesome!

Why do you think site-specific work is so interesting?
Desiree: I think that site-specific work is intriguing because of the many environmental influences. Some of those influences may be spontaneous or intentional and at times challenging for the performers or audience members.
Edrian: It allows for innovation and inspiration to work together as one. It allows us (the dancers) to bring life to our designated location while the audience is able to see the magic.

Trolley Dances 2013, Central Library, Kyle Sorensen

What has kept you interested in performing in Trolley Dances over the years?
Desiree: I’ve stay interested in performing in Trolley Dances over the years because I believe in the raw quality and creativity that happens with each performance. It is a beautiful and exciting process to perform the “same” piece multiple times without it actually being the same each time!
Edrian: The fact that it’s opened so many doors for me that I never would’ve expected. I am truly grateful for Trolley Dances and San Diego Dance Theater for creating a platform for this to happen.

When packing your dance bag for Trolley Dances, what 5 things are super important to bring for a long day on-site?
1. WATER jug in a cooler with ice
2. Healthy hydrating fruits (ie. watermelon, grapes)
3. Roller (tool to massage muscles)
4. Towel
5. Sunblock

Trolley Dances 2013, Northgate Plaza, Jean Isaacs

What advice would you give audience members?
Edrian: Wear your proper outdoor gear – sunscreen and hat + water. It’s definitely an amazing experience but you have to be prepared for it physically. Also, come with open eyes and an open heart!

Check out Desiree and Edrian along with nearly 50 other performers at Trolley Dances 2015 on September 26/27 or October 3/4

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