Choreographers Corner- Trolley Dances 2015: Liv Isaacs- Nollet

Jean & LivTrolley Dances 2015: Catch the Rapid is a family affair this year! Jean and her daughter Liv Isaacs-Nollet are both on the list of choreographers taking part in the action (Check out this throwback photo of Jean and Liv!). Though this year isn’t the first time Liv has been involved with Trolley Dances, it is her first time choreographing for the site-specific event.
What is your past experience with Trolley Dances?

I danced with San Diego Dance Theater for almost 13 years and during those years performed in 7 seasons of Trolley dances!  Each one was so unique and different from the next; everything from children’s libraries to Barrio Logan warehouses.  I always enjoyed the explorative process of the movement creation and the audience reactions.
What is it like to be a first-time choreographer for Trolley Dances?
It’s very invigorating to now be choreographing.  The dancers have been so open and receptive and I’m really enjoying listening to the space and cuing my movement off of its energy.
Tell us a little bit about your site. How/why did you pick your Trolley Dances site?trolley Dances 2007
I don’t want to say too much about the site except that there are endless possibilities and I am challenged every time I look at it.  The kids are a big part of our experience there but I don’t think the piece is focusing much on their energy but more on the shape of the space.

What would you like the audience to know about your Trolley Dance?
The audience is asked to move with the dance as it progresses because I wanted the audience to experience the beauty of all of the site’s angles.  They need to be prepared to travel when they need a better vantage point.

Hacienda Project, dance by Liv Isaacs-NolletWhat interests you about site-specific dance?

Site-specific dance interests me because the site should inform both the movement and the concept of the dance.  In most theater dance the choreographer comes up with either a concept or a movement vocabulary from inside their heads.  I guess you could say that this is a more external way of working while still being true to one’s own choreographic qualities.
Congratulations on your first Trolley Dances piece Liv! Get your tickets for Trolley Dances 2015: Catch the Rapid online:

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