Young Choreographers Showcase Interview: Mario Jaimes

Our 6th annual Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize is taking place at White Box Live Arts on March 12th and we’ve upped the ante! We’ve still got a panel of judges and votes coming in from the audience to pick a few choreographers to win $2,000 in cash prizes, but we’ve also got a new grand prize for the winning: the recipient of Most Original Choreography will win a fully-produced evening of the their choreography at our 2017 Live Arts Fest. What an opportunity! As always, we want to share a little bit about the finalists with you.

marioFirst up we have Mario Jaimes, a San Diego State University student working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. He’s got some great ideas for the show and has shared a bit about himself and what inspired him for Young Choreographers with us:

What motivated you to apply for Young Choreographers this year?
Most of my motivation came from the fact that I am graduating in May! I have acquired so much from the dance program at San Diego State University and I developed a deep appreciation for the relationship between dance and education. With school ending soon, I was awakened by the fact that I need to start building my career path. I am a native San Diegan, and my love for this city motivated me to give back to my community by participating in the Young Choreographers. I am excited to share my work with the dance community!IMG_3523

Tell us a little bit about the piece you are creating for the showcase.
When I watch a dancer move, I look for the passion the dancer possesses. I think it is beautiful to experience intimate moments between a performer and their audience. Through my six years of being a performer, I have come to understand that vulnerability is one of many traits a performer needs in order to share their passion with an observer. This idea led me to title this piece “Raw Armour,” because vulnerability requires a performer to expose their physical self while being sympathetic to their internal self. I decided to dig into this idea by investigating how to translate an emotion into movement. This concept was tough to approach at first; however, my seven dancers came to the rescue and they clearly understood what I wanted to portray. I am blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with my cast, who are all committed, intelligent, and beautiful movers. I decided to cast dancers from the dance program at San Diego State because we understand and appreciate similar qualities of movement. I am hoping to share some special moments in March, I cannot wait!IMG_3555

Share a special tidbit about yourself.
To be honest, I am a passionate car singer. There is no better place to work on your voice than in the privacy of your own car. All I need is an awesome hip hop or alternative rock playlist and I jam out! There have been plenty of instances where other drivers catch me wailing to Adele, and most of the time I keep the party going! Listening and singing along to my favorite bands and artists is a form of therapy for me, I don’t know what I would do without my music.

We’re excited to have Mario as a part of this year’s finalists and hope you are too. We will see you at the Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize on March 12th at one of two shows, 5pm & 8pm, at the White Box!

Photos by Annie Lee

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