Young Choreographers Interview: Shelan Deloyi de Zubia

Shelan Deloyi de Zubia has only been dancing for two years, but is truly passionate about it. She choreographed her first dance just this past fall for the student dance concert at San Diego City College and is already a finalist in our competition!  Check her out and see what she has in store for her second dance creation to be shown at our Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize.

What motivated you to apply for Young Choreographers this year?

shelanI would have to say a lot of things motivated me to apply for Young Choreographers this year.  Definitely the support and encouragement from my mentors.  At times I can be hard on myself, and when someone reminds me of the potential I have, it is always refreshing and very much appreciated.  When I began dancing, I don’t think I ever thought about becoming a choreographer.  I just wanted to utilize movement as a way to express my artistic visions.  But when I started to experience certain aspects that just happen to happen in the dance world, I began to realize that I need to put myself in a position where I can have more control of what it is I am trying to accomplish.  It was pretty much the epiphany I had, that motivated me as well.  And here I am.

Tell us a little bit about the piece you are creating for the showcase.
I am a huge fan of Pedro Almodovar.  He is a Spanish film director and screen writer.  His films are incredible.  They are all so dramatic, intense, beautiful, and dark.  I get this sense that he plays a lot with the borders between reality and insanity.  Which can exist at the same time.  If that makes any sense.  He’ll create this crazy plot of a movie and end it with the most nonchalant situation.  It’s brilliant.  Anyways, I pretend with myself, if he were to ask me to create a dance for him, this is what I would create.  My piece is a conceptual one.  There is a story that is being told, but also has a deeper context.  It’s about these five women who are vulnerable and desperate.  They’re all going through certain situations and experiences because they have made the subconscious choice to loose control.  There emotions get the best of them.  One finds odd love, the others judge because they lack self worth, self love, happiness, etc.  Pretty much, I have this theory, some women are sexist and bias against other women.  This happens for several reasons.  One reason is, we are influenced by the patriarchal society we live in.  And not just in America, in other countries as well.  _CtyMvs6794.1-X3It is something personal to me and what I have experienced and observed ever since I was little girl.  Now that I am here, a grown woman, I have begun to develop an interest in these types of behaviors, ideologies, mentalities, etc.  Rather than judge, I will create a dance.  The more I allowed this piece to open up to me, the more I opened up to it.  What does a woman have that can make her savage like?  Her emotions?  The thought of this, entering the mind and driven behaviors of a woman, is beautiful and sexy.  So now, there are few things here and there that have gone into the idea of this dance piece.

Share a special tidbit about yourself.

I am very bad at explaining things.  Especially if it’s something funny.  As I begin to talk, before I can go on, I will start to laugh and not be able to finish what it is I am saying.  Usually the person I am trying to talk to is watching in confusion.

There’s still time to reserve your seats. Tickets available here!

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