Young Choreographers Interview: Daniel Diaz

Young Choreographers finalist #4 is Daniel Diaz. Daniel was a Dance major at Southwestern College and has since been a part of La Diego Dance Theatre and Encore Dance Company. He has also worked at various theme parks in Southern California, and has toured with Sesame Street Live. He is working hard to put together his work for Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize, now only a few weeks away! He’s taken some time to sharea little insight on his dance:

What motivated you to apply for Young Choreographers this year?

danielI was motivated to apply for young choreographers showcase because I think it is time for me to take that step forward with my choreography. This is such a great platform for me to showcase my work and I feel like it’s the right moment for me to show San Diego what I am capable of. I’ve seen friends of mine compete and even win, and I have seen what it’s done for them in the San Diego Dance community. I want that for myself.

Tell us a little bit about the piece you are creating for the showcase.

I’m creating a very interesting piece for me. I usually choreograph jazz pieces that are very edgy and dark, but this is something different. I’m choreographing a contemporary/modern piece and  I’m using a bit of a personal experience as my inspiration.

My piece is about how in my previous love relationships, there’s this great bond that brings me and the other person together. It’s almost like a magnet, like satellites, or even comparable to how the planets revolve around the sun. This “thing” that makes the person and yourself ONE. Well, what happens when that “thing” is all of a sudden, gone? Things begin to feel off, and sooner or later, things turn for the worse. That’s what it’s about. I use a lot of imagery about planets and galaxies and plate tectonics to describe the feeling of the piece. It has this earthy, grounded feeling to it. I want it to be an interpretation of love that people haven’t seen before. It’s definitely different and I’m in awe of the idea of my piece. The music feels very heavy and sad and it’s a very epic track. I’m excited to have my 9 dancers show you the story and the little piece of my soul that is going into this. image5

Share a special tidbit about yourself.

A quirky thing about myself is that I stress out about everything! I’m a nervous wreck about 99.9 percent of the time. I know how to hide it very well though. I think it’s because sometimes I have these moments in life where everything goes just right and it’s everything I have ever wanted, therefore it feels too real and it feels like things are going my way. When I got the call from Jean Isaacs herself telling me I got accepted into the competition, I jumped for joy, but my next reaction was, “I NEED TO START WORKING ON THIS NOW!” I’m a perfectionist. Dance means that much to me.

Dance means a lot to us too which is why we want you all to show up and vote for your favorite pieces! It only happens once a year and it’s always a blast! See you at White Box Live Arts on March 12th, 5pm & 8pm.

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