Young Choreographers Interview: Aisha Reddick

aishaAisha Reddick is another young aspiring choreographer from San Diego who will present work on March 12th at our Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize. Aisha attended San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, and Grossmont College where she has studied dance and choreographed a handful of dances. When asked about her process for the showcase, Aisha kept her answer short and sweet:

I was motivated to apply for Young Choreographers from my dance instructors and friends in my dance community. I’ve always loved creating and choreographing, so when this event was introduced to me, I knew it would be a great opportunity to challenge myself. The piece I created for Young Choreographers is titled “Contra.” Unknown-2My initial inspiration for this piece was the image of attracting and repelling forces of magnets. With that idea in mind, the two dancers in my piece are representing those opposing forces that are displayed with movement contrasting each other. I mainly orbited around the idea of the contrasting characters of individuals and the actions that come with the uncharted territory of new relationships.
Will Aisha’s work be award winning? Come to the show, vote and play a part in the big decisions of the evening!

Saturday, March 12, 5pm & 8pm at White Box Live Arts.

Photo by Miho Pritchett
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