Young Choreographers Interview: Guillermo Castro

We are nearing the showcase and it is getting down to the wire! Finalist Guillermo Castro is feeling the time crunch (maybe more than most) since the theme for his Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize dance is related to the subject! Read on to learn more about Guillermo and his piece:

guillermoWhat motivated you to apply for Young Choreographers this year?

I was sitting in bed, checking my email one morning and I had received an email from San Diego Dance Theater stating that applications for the Young Choreographers Showcase were due that day. I pondered it for like five minutes and I jumped out of bed and I started working on my application! One of the biggest motivations for applying was my mom who is always pushing me to strive for more and who has always had my back, my mentor/dance mom Rayna Stohl who has played a big role in my career, and Jessica Rabanzo-Flores who actually won the showcase 3 years ago and is one of my biggest inspirations.

Tell us a little bit about the piece you are creating for the showcase.TCP_CCA_VIS_20140116_0408

My piece is an exploration of time, and the idea that as people we live by the clock, always having a set schedule.  Before starting this piece I really had an image of people inside clocks, and having them control their own time. This sparked another question of whether or not that would be a good idea. Would we give ourselves more time or leave it as it is? I have 5 dancers in this piece most of whom I have worked with before. When it came down to picking my cast, I chose people that are beautiful movers, but more than that artists. I want them to add their own personality and artistry to this piece mostly because no two people have the same time frame.76080_10151458253008781_473365032_n

Share a special tidbit about yourself.

I only started my dance training when I was 13. Before moving to San Diego I use to live in LA, where I was part of a Mexican Folk Dancing School.

Time is of the essence for you too; audience seating is limited so get your tickets
while you still can!


photos by Trevor Cooper
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