Young Choreographers Interview: Trixi & Arthur

Unlike the other finalists we’ve shared with you so far Trixi Anne Agiao & Arthur Huang have competed in our Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize before. In the past, we’ve been impressed with what they made together and we are glad to have them back on the program for 2016! Trixi answered our interview questions on behalf of herself and her parter in crime, Arthur. Check it out:

What motivated you to apply for Young Choreographers this year?

156791_445806702134454_913482921_n (1)During the last few years, Arthur and I have been mainly focused on dancing for other people and companies. We have had great experiences and learned a lot from different processes. However, we are at a place where we want to focus on our own work again. What interests us currently is seeing how we are able to integrate everything we learned and use it to enhance our own choreographic voice.

Tell us a little bit about the piece you are creating for the showcase.

Our piece is inspired by an article that Arthur read. It was about about how different social media platforms have to be used differently to be effective in building one’s brand. The article cited certain celebrities as an example, describing how their Instagrams are full of glamorous fashion shots while their snaps from Snapchat show a more mundane, human side. This raised interesting questions for Arthur and I as to how people build different identities online, and whether those identities are consistent with their identities in real life. The theatricality of it is what really drew us, as Arthur and I are both fans of dance theater. We were lucky enough to get an awesome cast of 8 people this year, so for once Arthur and I don’t have to dance in our own piece, though we do serve other functions within it.a

Share a special tidbit about yourselves.

Arthur and I are twins. Not real twins, but freaky twins who say the same thing at the same time unplanned and a little too often. When we aren’t working on dance, we watch “Dr. Who.” We’re very upset the series got pulled from Netflix. Besides watching TV together, Arthur has recently got me into reading his collection of sci-fi and fantasy novels. We are nerds who love and accept that fact! Lastly, and this is the most important thing about us…we have matching Thing One and Thing Two sweatshirts, shirts and matching black sweats.

The work of these “freaky twins” will hit the White Box Live Arts stage along with the other 10 finalists in less than a month! Wish them luck and cheer them on from the audience on March 12th!

top photo by Christine Herde, bottom photo by Jasmine Wang
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