Young Choreographers Interview: Julio Velazquez

It’s only a little over a week away and we still have one more choreographer to highlight! Last but not least, Julio Velazquez will be showing a new work at the 2016 Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize in the White Box next weekend. He’s a well-known DJ and dancer around town, and now he’s going to dig in to his choreographic side for a chance to win the grand prize of a fully produced evening in Live Arts Fest 2017!

10313713_916323058395490_1469430485845603485_nWhat motivated you to apply for Young Choreographers this year?

I haven’t choreographed a piece where I get to choose the music, the dancers, and “the concept” since my senior BFA dance concert at San Diego State University in 2010. I left my hear in that piece and I didn’t feel a need to choreograph because my drive was towards performing in the works of others and learning. I was bookings gigs to choreograph but it was more collaborative or pre-set themes making pieces for schools, “surprise dances” for birthday parties, weddings or for teaching class. This year my goal is to showcase where I am with my dance journey. I feel like I have reached a new level in life and learned so much that I feel the need to take this opportunity to see what can happen with choreography.

 Tell us a little bit about the piece you are creating for the showcase.12694640_1228593423835117_3378429040016045704_o

I have been performing in  “the modern scene” and “hip hop scene” here in San Diego, either in Trolley Dances or with Culture Shock San Diego dance troupe. To me it is all a “dance scene.” My background is hip hop freestyle, but I have been exposed to other dance genres. I take it all in because it all just comes out as a dance. in this piece I want to explore and see if I can blend in or fuse dance styles together just to make sure it does justice to the music. I have selected three dancers who blend my modern side, choreography side and freestyle side. I will also be performing in this piece so we will be on this ride together.

10309363_842729149088215_6664948202232216405_nThis piece is about an exploration with dance opening our minds with movement articulating what you hear to the music- what it makes you feel. I just want to dance, I am not aiming for a “plot” but I believe we will share our story through the movement, going for a feelings from calmness to adrenaline rush! I want to showcase what I hear in the music and simply jam to it. With this show I see a purpose, I can invite dancer friends from both “scenes” to gather and it can expose or inspire a spark to train in something else we are not in which has brought me to create a piece like this. It is another way to show my work for those who do not know me or do not understand “dance” but edu-train to show them what we are feeling in order to entertain with art :)

Tickets are selling fast so make sure to get yours and exercise your vote for this years’ winner of Young Choreographers!

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