LIVE ARTS FEST 2016: Tanzprojekt Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth

The Red Book” & “Picknick” by Tanzprojekt Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth


Swiss-based Tanzprojekt Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth, known for uniquely expressive interdisciplinary dance theater solos, presents “The Red Book,” a poetic dance installation on C.G. Jung, and “Picknick”, “an immensely touching journey through past hopes and disappointments” (Jennifer Dunning). Elfi is grateful to come back to San Diego, where her dance career started 35 years ago.

From Elfi:

Elfi flowersCurrently we are in Paris working for our show in Live Arts Fest 2016, planning, rehearsing, producing media, taking dance and yoga classes and of course enjoying the wonderful french cuisine at some lovely original places.

Just two days ago I saw a very moving solo, “Preparation Mortis” by Jan Fabre with Annabelle Chambon. It was the last performance we could retrieve the flowers and I collected some with joy as you can see on the picture.

Coming back to San Diego is coming home to my roots. When I was studying sports at the ETH Zurich I fell in love with dance. My Swiss teacher Madeleine Mahler put me in contact with Patricia Rincon. Since I was hungry to learn more about dance, Patricia was so generous to invite me to study dance in San Diego. I spent one vibrating year in San Diego with so many wonderful teachers and mentors like Patricia Rincon and Jean Isaacs. Through them I met many more wonderful people working in the dance field as choreographers and teachers who were willing to share their knowledge and to help me to become a dancer, performer and choreographer. So my future became dance and it is dance until now!

Luckily I have stayed in contact with my San Diego friends and they still come to Switzerland to perform, teach and choreograph. Jean Isaacs was most important for my further development. She gave many of her beautiful choreographies to my company and me. We showed our work in San Diego and toured through Mexico with “noa.” Our latest visit was for Trolley Dances in 2009 for “Taste of Heimat.” It was a great experience to work with a wonderful crew of dancers who are now part of the dance scene in San Diego. I am looking forward to seeing you all again!

More About Tanzprojekt Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth

Elfi 4_noa_sintflutTanzprojekt Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth is known for powerful and uniquely expressive interdisciplinary dance theater solos, which have been performed throughout Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Mexico, the United States and at various national and international festivals. In the last few years we were collaborating with Kathak dancers in India adding another language to our European and American view.

The Tanzprojekt Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth is putting a lot of time, know-how, heart and soul into the development of dance in schools as we believe that every child should have a chance to experience dance. We are working with an extraordinary dance group of the Zurich High School Rämibühl consisting of more than 50 dancers and at the Teachers University in Zurich.

More About “The Red Book” & “Picknick”

The Red Book is the overwhelming diary of C.G. Jung written 1914 – 1933 in Zurich, which he stated to be the fundament of all his theories. Several of his concepts help to understand diversity of human beings such as his archetypes and the idea of the unconscious. After writing The Red Book he was traveling all over the world to native people to research on diversity and commonalities in order to understand human being.

Elfi 3_Auswahl C.G.Jung, Aeschbacher“The Red Book” was a commission from the Museum Rietberg in Zurich, within a program accompanying the exhibition of The Red Book in 2011 upon its publication. When looking at The Red Book we found many aspects in C.G. Jungs notes and drawings that reflected our own work. On one hand we knew the loneliness, some of the visions and share a similar way of searching leaving open questions open. So we felt directly connected to his world and started to build up elements that would be important for us thereby creating our own approach to The Red Book and the world in it.

“Picknick” is the heart piece of our evening-long production “Lichtungen.” The production was inspired by finding a beautiful apron-like storage device that reminded me to my mother in the 50s. So it was a perfect interface from now to then and started a wonderful journey to the roots. We created “Picknick” within one week in a New York City flat for the Dumbo Art Festival in Brooklyn. By chance Jennifer Dunning visited the festival and at the end of the year it was praised in the annual New York City Times review. Luckily I also have friends in New York City who called us up about this. Otherwise we might have never known!


Catch Tanzprojekt Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth for one night only at Live Arts Fest 2016! 

Friday, April 22. 7:30 pm

Tickets: $20

Buy a festival pass! Full access to ALL performances: $110

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