Choreographers Corner- Trolley Dances 2016- Jean Isaacs

For our first inside look at Trolley Dances 2016, we thought it would be nice to start with the founder and visionary of this San Diego site-specific tradition- Jean Isaacs!  She has been working on her two dances since early in August and she’s making serious progress on her witty dances. Check out what she had to say when we asked her to share a little about her dances:

_aTrolley15.8883.1-XLThis year is my 20th anniversary with San Diego Dance Theater, and it is hard to even count how many site-specific dances I have choreographed for Trolley Dances over its 18-year existence. Every other year, I choreograph one dance for the company dancers and one for community dancers. The other years, I do two community pieces. This year I am creating two pieces for community dancers and I have two great casts.

Both of my dances this year are humorous and I am getting a kick out of watching them develop and become funnier and funnier as we go. Sometimes we need a little fun in modern dance and I think Trolley Dances is a wonderful time to enjoy it.

The first one, “Up a Creek with 10 Paddles” uses 10 boatmen to glide and rock their
journey. It is all tongue on cheek to The Ride of the Valkyries; a bloated Wagnerian bombast of a dance. The choreography is developing out of what we can do with the rowing oars the dancers are use.

The other dance is called “Me and My Car” and was inspired by the parking garage we are using as our site. This dance pairs 4 dancers with their cars to display how closely they resemble each other. The dancers are building exaggerated characters to push the satire of the dance. This piece will be danced for Friday Night Liberty on September 2nd as a preview for Trolley Dances._TrolPromo.2708.1-XL


Thanks for kicking off our Choreographers Corner for 2016! It’s never too early to get your Trolley Dances tickets and get on board:

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