Dancer Blog- Trolley Dances 2016- Eric Navarro & Rosario Lopez

Today you are in luck, because we have the inside scoop from TWO dancers- Eric Navarro and Rosario Lopez. Both are first-time Trolley Dances performers and are also dancing in Zaquia Mahler Salinas’ piece together. They have shared some wonderful background on how they came to Trolley Dances, and the dance they have created with her.


I have been dancing since I was three years old. I grew up dancing at a studio down the street from my house called Studio 31 Dance Center. I now attend San Diego State University as a Dance Major. I hope to graduate with the class of 2018 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance.

This is my very first time participating in Trolley Dances. Since I have been attending SDSU, I have become more engaged in watching performances within San Diego Dance Theater. After traveling to some performances, I started looking into other workings in San Diego and stumbled upon the information for Trolley Dance auditions. I saw it as my first opportunity to get involved in the dance community here and it just happened to work out!

I am performing in Zaquia Mahler Salinas’ piece in the Contemporary Museum of Art in Downtown San Diego. We have been working a lot with what it means to explain who you are; it’s hard enough to figure some things out about ones self, let alone explain it to another person. I enjoy how this dance makes me think about my perception of myself, it’s something I have never had to do in a dance-making process, so it is very stimulating and new to me!img_5843

I think my favorite part of this entire process has been the collaborative process of making this dance. Our whole cast has done an amazing job at working together and using personal material to create movement that is interesting and individualistic. This experience has been the most fun way of getting to know my fellow dancers; they are all wonderfully crazy people, who have made going to rehearsal all worth it!

One stand-out for me was creating a duet with a fellow performer, Guillermo Castro. We were given a task to form a duet with an oppositional score, which led to a lot of thinking, but in the end, our duet came together very well and I’m excited for people to see it!

I’m looking forward to improving the dance every time we perform. Trolley Dances comes with a lot of performances, so I am very interested to see how much the dance improves through out the two-weekend process!

For the audience, I would just say go in with an open mind. Think about your own personal identity, and think about how the dance affects you as an audience member. Enjoy the show, and take all that you can get from it!


I am a San Diego Native, raised in Rosarito Baja California, Mx.  I began dancing at San Diego City College (under Terry Wilson, Kristen  Arcidiacono, Debi Toth and Terry Shipman). I’ve participated in summer workshops/intensives at San Diego Dance Theater, Malashock and San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. I finished my Associates in Dance at City College, then transferred to CSULB and graduated with a Bachelors in Dance just this year. Recently, I finished BASI Pilates certification. I am currently work study/dance with the community of SDDT.

I am excited to have the opportunity to perform in my first Trolley Dances! While I was studying dance at San Diego City College I remember attending this annual event as an audience member and I couldn’t wait to have the chance to be part of it. I believe the first time I saw a site-specific dance was for Trolley Dances at the fountain by San Diego’s City Hall and ever since I have been fascinated and inspired with the idea of taking dance outside of a conventional space.

I will be performing in Zaquia Mahler Salinas’ piece at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in an exhibit of Chicano art from collector and famous actor, Cheech Marin. The theme of the dance is about identity- the way you identify yourself as a person,  the things you remember about yourself and the things you seem to forget. So far this experience has helped me dig deeper into my memories as well as sharing them and developing them into choreography. It has also been a pleasure getting to know the group of people I am dancing with!

Thanks for sneak-peak, dancers! Just a little more than two weeks until we kick off Trolley Dances 2016 so get your tickets and plan your day of site-seeing and sightseeing!

Bottom photo by Gregory Crosby
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