Choreographers Corner- Trolley Dances 2016- Monica Bill Barnes

MBB - Steven SchreiberOne of our favorite humans, performers and choreographers, Monica Bill Barnes has joined us again this year for Trolley Dances 2016. Last week she flew in for 4 days from New York to choreograph a new work on the SDDT company dancers and it is full of energy, humor, and sporty moves. Here’s a little something she wrote for us about her experience with Trolley Dances, “artistic process,” and her 4-day visit!

A little bit about myself and Trolley Dances:
I met Jean Isaacs when I was at UCSD studying philosophy.  She is my mentor and dear friend.  She gave me my first professional commission by inviting me to make a dance for Trolley.  I have since made eight Trolley dances and these are among the most rewarding experiences of my career.

why-i-love-san-diegoA little background on the artistic process: 

The first thing to say about this is that I always laugh a little at the phrase “artistic process.”  I believe that other people have an artistic process, but when I think about what I do to make dances, it makes me laugh a little.  A few things that I have done lately in pursuit of art, taught myself to twirl a baton based on a youtube video posted by a 12 year old, put on a men’s suit and sing karaoke terribly and currently I am relearning how to roller skating in our new show.  So it feels hard to hold my head up too high and go on and on about art, but Zaquia needs a blog post and I think she is
completely great, so here we are.

Ok. So a little background on the artistic process behind making this new dance.san-diego-dancers

These are a few things that you can’t know about this process of making this dance, the lawn is one of the most popular dog parks in the city and therefore full of dog poop. Also, there are small black flies that bite the dancers ankles, even through their socks.  A few of the dancers are allergic to grass. And maybe the most important thing to say here, we had such a wonderful experience on this lawn over four days making this work together.

Thanks Monica! Come see what all the hard work turned in to: September 24 & 25, October 1 & 2

Top photo by Steven Schreiber
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