Dancer Blog- Trolley Dances 2016- Patricia Sandback

This year, we have the privilege of counting Patricia Sandback, a major contributor to the San Diego dance community, among the dancers involved in Trolley Dances. She is performing in an intergenerational work by Jess Humphrey that showcases movers ranging in age from their teens into their seventies. Pat is a stunning dancer and artist, and we are pleased to share her dancer blog with you today!

trdn-1d4-1-_9440-1-lI am a dance choreographer, performer, and educator and have been so for many years.  I recently retired from SDSU as Professor of Dance. This will be my fourth Trolley Dance experience as a participant.  I choreographed work for Trolley Dances 2001 and 2010 and I danced in one of Jean Isaac’s pieces in 2002.  It’s hard to pick out one as a favorite but I think the 2001 performance is particularly memorable because it was my first Trolley Dances and we made a big spread in Dance Magazine.

This year I am dancing in Jess Humphrey’s work, along with eleven other amazing dancers.  We are performing in the Adult Education Center, all over the place.  I even ride the elevator in one part.  The dance has emerged from responses to the site itself and from practices we explored in our rehearsal sessions. This dance is both challenging and satisfying to perform.  Within the choreography are opportunities for the dancer to make choices.  These choices require that you, as performer, are in tune with everyone else and the choices they are making.  Every performance will be somewhat different although there are landmark events set.pat-sandback

One moment in rehearsal stood out to me. It was the first rehearsal with everyone there.  We were sitting down in a circle.  As I looked around I saw all of these people, most I knew but some new faces,  full of expectation for the work/fun the we were embarking on together. It was a powerful moment of great promise.

I am looking forward to making each of the 28 performances matter. For the audience: you can’t see it all so give up that expectation.  Instead, be open to be drawn to whatever interests you.

Trolley Dances 2016 hits the tracks on September 24, 25 & October 1,2. Tours begin at 10am and run every 45 minutes until 1:45, so you have plenty of opportunities to catch this site-specific wonder!

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