Inside “Janus”: Gina & Kyle Sorensen

youngchor-2517-1-lKyle and Gina Sorensen have a long history as part of the San Diego Dance Theater family. Along with performing in many SDDT iconic events like Trolley Dances in the past, the Sorensens are also part of the San Diego Dance Theater school faculty. Choreographically, they won Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize in 2012 and went on to choreograph for our Library Dances that year. Kyle also choreographed for Trolley Dances 2013 at the new Downtown Library! We are glad to have them back in the studio- this time to set work on the company alongside work by Jean and Pablo Francisco Ruvalcaba for “Janus and Other Dances of Beginnings, Transitions, and Endings” coming to the Saville Theatre January 20-22. Read on to get some background on the new work they’ve made for the show.

_td13-1407-1-xlAs is often the case when we make dances, it all began with a single image and a question. Image: a line. Query: what does it mean to be connected? That’s where we met the dancers in the studio on day one. We talked, we explored, we designed. All of us – nine dancers and two choreographers – participated in creating this work from that simple image and gigantic question.
We build dances from sensations. We begin each rehearsal with a practice we developed called SubtleBodyBigDance. In this mode of preparing body and mind, we describe a situation or event to be experienced within the body, and we all play freely, exploring the imagined scenario improvisationally and with heightened attention. We want the dancers to develop a history of the idea within their own bodies, and to expand their available range of motion and dynamic potential. We then put those images and sensations to work in generating choreography, often times collaboratively. One of the images we explored in the beginning was a boomerang. We threw body parts out, they drew arcs in the room, and came right back to us. We translated this idea into intricate trios that weave and intersect.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlong the way, we refined our question about connectedness. Query 2: can I feel what my neighbor is feeling? Can I feel her arm as if it were my arm? Can I feel the distance between his hip and his fingertips in my own body? When does it feel right to break away and be on my own? We welcome the audience to ask these questions themselves when watching too. We call the dance, “Nine tall, One underground.”

We are deeply honored by Jean’s invitation to work with the company. It has been a supreme joy to work with such open-minded and stunningly skillful dancers.

We think the dancers look great in this work and can’t wait for you all to see it too. For tickets and more details about the show, please visit:

Photos 1 & 2 by Manny Rotenberg, Photo 3 by Jim Carmody
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