Inside “Janus”: Jean Isaacs

“Songs From the Family Album” is a reflective new work by our Artistic Director, Jean Isaacs that is full of humor, beauty, and melancholy. This premier collage of four works, along with the re-staging of audience favorite “Romeos and Juliets,” make up half of the dance concert entitled Janus and Other Dances of Beginnings, Transitions and Endings coming your way in just two short weeks! Jean sat down and mused over her newest creation and we are pleased to share her insight on this very personal work with you.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m a January birthday girl, and as with the Roman God of beginnings and endings, I deeply feel the transition into 2017. I’ll be 73 on January 17th 2017, and 17 has always been my lucky number, so somewhat shedding the quagmire of 2016 feels cleansing- anticipatory.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: This well-known tune is usually associated with kids who love at first sight, but I associate it instead with a father’s first sight of his newborn infant. Such terrible responsibility for such a vulnerable being, a child who is only partially him.

Raldo and Maxine at the Copacabana:
 In 1952 my mother, Maxine Baldini, won the national radio show “Name That Tune.” Her prize, a trip to New York City’s Copacabana Club, was unheard of for this working-class couple who were already struggling with six children, alcoholism, and deep cultural differences. Bickering and humor were their refuge.

Elegy: Elegy, created in 1987 at the height of the AIDS crisis in San Diego, mourns the loss of thirteen of the regions male dancers and reflects the confusion and panic- the fear- that permeated the dance scene at that time.

You’ll have chance to see what I’ve created at Janus and Other Dances of Beginnings, Transitions, and Endings at the Saville Theatre on January 20-22. “Songs From the Family Album”, along with my “Romeos and Juliets,” plus two new works by up-and-coming choreographers Gina & Kyle Sorensen, and Pablo Francisco Ruvalcaba make a lovely program full of great variety and artistry.

We’d also love to have you for our High Tea event before the Sunday matinee as we honor the 45 year legacy of the San Diego Dance Theater as well as celebrate a bright future!15392944_1158983540883611_4955541239748453237_o

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