LAF 2017: Anna Katharina Scheidegger and San Diego Dance Theater

12512599_904984402950194_379438928446302195_nLIVE ARTS FEST 2017, showcases artworks that meet issues of the human experience with boldness and thoughtfulness. Two of the LAF 2017 events attend to the hot topic of global warming: Enthalpy of Fusion by Anna Katharina Scheidegger on April 15th, and the San Diego Dance Theater production of Requiem for an Ocean which closes the festival on April 23rd. Requiem for an Ocean premiered in January 2016, and we are pleased to bring this climate change dance back to White Box Live Arts for an intimate showing that will compliment the stunning visual work of Anna Katharina’s multimedia performance. Read on to learn about her personal experience with global warming that has manifested into Enthalpy of Fusion:

I grew up in Switzerland and we used to spend a lot of weekends hiking with family. I feel close to the landscape of the mountains and it is strong to hear from my parents how high the ice was when they were children- how fast the glaciers are disappearing. The climate changes is one of the big challenges of our time. In the Swiss Alps, the glaciers are an important reservoir of water. For example, the ice of the glacier of Aletsch could provide one bottle of water a day to every human of the earth for eight years…  But those glaciers are losing one percent of their mass every year and, even supposing no acceleration in that rate, will have all but disappeared by the end of the century.
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 21.39.37The melting of the glaciers is very visual and impressive. You can see in the landscape the lines of the level of the ice just a few years ago. Also, the fact that that due to the rapid retreat, some shrinking pars are carefully covers by giant fleeces in effort to reduce the summer melt, is for me a very strong symbol of our struggles. It’s the image of a “sick” nature.

Enthalpy of Fusion mixes video projections, performance with ice blocks, an original sound score from Steve Baker and ice sculptures. There will also be a talk back with myself and meteorologist Alexander Sasha Gershunov after the performance to offer some time for discussion both on a scientific and artistic level.

Enthalpy of Fusion_April 15_Anna Katharina Scheidegger 3I hope the audience will leave the experience with a feeling of awareness but also hope. The performance shows the destruction of nature by man and the consequences for our existence. The video projections follow the performance with images of nature, of the glacier, later with images of human bodies made out of ice who are melting. It underlines our fragility and dependence from nature. The ice sculptures (cast of my body) mark the beginning and end of the performance and stand for the cycle of time. The inspiration for the ice bodies are the mythologies of the “poor souls” from Switzerland. In those tales people, who didn’t treated nature well, have to be pay their sins in the ice, after death. The ice body that appears at the end is filled with flowers and points to a new start.

For a chance to catch both of these striking works about climate change, as well as many other dances that will make you think, reserve your LIVE ARTS FEST 2017 festival pass now!

Requiem for an Ocean photo by Jim Carmody
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