LAF 2017- Holding the Line by SDDT Work Study Dancers

Part of the mission of San Diego Dance Theater that comes to life so brilliantly in LIVE ARTS FEST is to provide a platform for an ever-growing diversity of dance in the San Diego region. Part of that platform is to offer opportunities for up-and-coming choreographers to showcase their work. In that spirit, we have an evening in LAF 2017 made up of dances choreographed by the dedicated and talented dancers of the SDDT Work Study program entitled Holding the Line. These seven Work Study dancers train in our school, but also perform and create throughout San Diego in different arenas and have a show full of exciting and fresh ideas to share with you all. A couple of the choreographers have shared a little about the intention for Holding the Line so that you can get a feel for what you’ll see on at the show on April 13th!

The phrase “Holding the Line” is taken from the preface of Alice Walker’s book, Hard Times Require Furious Dancing. Walker writes, “though we have encountered our share of grief and troubles on this earth, we can still hold the line of beauty, form, and beat. No small accomplishment in a world as challenging as this one.”

Holding the Line_April 13_UnknownMitchum Todd: When asked, how do our bodies move in response to heartbreak, loss, or injustice and or what movements—kinetic and social—do we make to “hold the line”? My response is to do what we must be do and that is to “make sense of and speak back to the personal hardships, social strife’s, and political upheavals we find ourselves in,” through co-creating with a movement of “stillness.” Inevitably instilling a sense of calm.
Holding the Line embraces a space where one can witness what is unfolding with what is true. It is a movement, a welcoming to see who we are as the asleep parts of us unfold as a new flower. As we unfold more and more like a new flower; more and more, we become appealing.
There are three essential questions being addressed in “be still.” What is it that I need to let go of? What is it that this day will bring forth? And the third, “When I sit, I sit with the intention to find the truth.” What do you sit for?
“In “be still” while experiencing stillness, we are able to slow down and let go. There is a magnificent power in letting go of what could be, for it is then we can accept what is. Somewhere between the thoughts of what could be and what is, there is usually a solution waiting to be birthed. Our greatest understandings come from stillness.”

Check out a short video of BE STILL here!

Sandra Ruiz: Each dance in this program is very unique from one another because each choreographer is reaching out from a very personal and peculiar perspective about how to Hold the Line in times of hardship. Each of the choreographers in the show comes from a very distinct dance education and practice. For this reason each one of us reveals a different scheme of choreographic concept, form and intention. The complexity of our individual perspectives has allowed us to transform our singular voices into one.  Each dance originates from a different drive, yet they bleed into one another.

Support new work by fresh art-makers, and get your festival pass so you don’t miss all of this live art goodness!

LIVE ARTS FEST 2017: April 12-23

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