LAF 2017: Betzi Roe

Betzi Roe has had an impactful lifelong career that has helped to shape the dance community of San Diego, namely the founding and leadership of the dance program at Coronado School for the Arts. That is why we are glad to be able to share her new work Migration with you all on Friday April 21st for LIVE ARTS FEST 2017. Over her 20 years at CoSA, she has trained countless dancers, many of whom she brings together for this heartfelt dance concert about journeys and homecoming. Read on to find out what inspired Betzi to create this work:

16388335_10155629515718265_9004446664736909768_nI started working on “Migration” when I realized how many of my former students were still local to the San Diego area.  I thought it would be an interesting project to bring as many as possible back together to reflect on where they came from, where they have gone in the past few years, and what they’re doing now.  It was amazing to hear the similarities in their stories; dance and the arts in general are both still very important aspects of each of their lives, whether they are pursuing a dance career directly or not.  For many, the process was nostalgic in the sense that it brought back memories of as we rehearsed in the studio they had previously spent so much time in.  Working together with familiar faces was reminiscent of the time we spent together many years ago.  Funny enough, and despite the years of maturing and evolving since graduating, many dancers fell into their old “roles” from their earlier CoSA days: the leader, the chatty one, the person on their phone all the time, the one making everyone laugh, the quiet one, etc.  Although at times frustrating, it was truly amazing to witness this!

16473382_10155655761258265_732907611123137667_nThis performance with LiveArts Fest will be the third version of “Migration.”  Previously we’ve performed at The Vine and the Coronado High School Theater.  Each time we’ve shifted the choreography to reflect the ever-changing cast members.  Throughout each installation we’ve seen dancers from all over the country, from New York to Arizona, and of many different talents, including circus, ballet, pilates, etc.  The end result is something really beautiful.  “Migration” includes dancers of varying ages, abilities, backgrounds, stories, and pathways.  It brings them together in one space, for one hour, to reflect and share who they are and where they’ve been.


LIVE ARTS FEST 2017 begins next week! Get your festival pass and get ready for 9 evenings of thoughtful and though provoking art.


Photos by Manuel Rotenberg
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